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Skype on Nokia Lumia 610

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Amazing how Viber can produce a real quality phone service that on the Lumia 610 works better than the conventional Lumia phone while Skype can produce nothing.   Microsoft has a great opportunity with Lumia, particularly the 610 to penetrate the young market and build on Nokia's success in emerging markets. Without a  Skype offering to either of these key markets, Microsoft's gamble will fail and they will only have themselves to blame.  Skype and MS have a huge opportunity to build a significant market share and with Skype a client base that will stay with them well into the future, regardless of device. By pure arrogance, which is an MS trademark in the PC and Gaming markets as well, MS is again kicking away business.   Bring on Viber!

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don't worry, switch to a serius system: Android or iOS. this is the solution for skype-WP comedy

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Novel Adventurer
i want skype for my nokia 610
Novel Tourist
I love my 610, it may be an old outdated piece of junk, but I still like it. Its Skype that's to blame here, this should be a easy to fix problem for there development teams
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You would think that there is a fix, if indeed there is a problem.  There is a lot of doubt on that score as well.   However, it likes like Microsoft at both Nokia and Skype have washed their hands of the Lumia 610 as fewer and fewer apps are available for the 610 and ones that did work a few months ago no longer do.

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Should it be changed then? According to main Skype website: Lumia 610 should perfectly run Skype for Windows Phone =) See image attached:

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