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Skype for Windows Phone - Gold Version

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We are pleased to announce the availability of Skype 1.0 for Windows Phone. Check out the marketplace page from your computer. It's even easier when you just scan the code to the right directly from your Windows Phone: Simply press the "Search" (magnifier) button on your phone and tap the eye icon to scan.

To leave feedback please click this button here on the board:

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Skype for Windows Phone supports the basic set of Skype features, like audio and video calling and IM. You can read more about the app in general from our [invalid URL] post.

3_remoteprofile.pngWe would like to thank everyone who has used the initial beta version and shared feedback with us. Please continue sharing your feedback here on the community.


The newly updated Skype for Windows Phone Gold version includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Portrait mode video calling
  • Support in 18 languages
  • Add new contacts (Skype and phone contacts)
  • Support for participating on audio conference calls
  • Call-in-progress notification
  • Ability to mark all messages as read
  • Block/unblock/view blocked contacts

We have tested and certified the following devices for the best performance of Skype for Windows Phone:

  • Nokia Lumia 710
  • Nokia Lumia 800
  • Nokia Lumia 900
  • HTC Titan
  • HTC Radar
  • Samsung Focus S
  • Samsung Focus Flash

Skype for Windows Phone does not run in the background, thus you will not be able to receive incoming calls and chats if Skype is not in foreground. Please also considerthis list of known issues before using the application:

Category Description and Workaround
General Limitation Communications will be received only when the Skype app is in foreground.
Phonebook Only one valid phone number for each native contact will be displayed when you choose to call someone from the phonebook.
Phonebook Only valid phone numbers in native phonebook contacts will be displayed from within Skype. Valid phone numbers require a country code (e.g., +44 for the United Kingdom) to be stored as part of the phonebook's phone number.
Conference Calling A conference call will appear as a 1:1 call. The chat and profile views are between the Windows Phone recipient and the conference call host. To view the group chat content, navigate to the recent messages pivot and select the group conversation. To return to the call, navigate to the Skype home screen (by pressing the notification badge in the top right corner), then click on the call-in-progress indicator at the top of the screen.
IM Instant Messages sent to an offline Skype client will appear as successfully sent, not as "pending."
Video Calling Two-way calling between Skype for Windows Phone and Skype for Mac or WIndows requires Skype version 5.0 or later on the desktop
Calling There is no visible indication if your call is placed on hold from a remote party.
Connectivity Skype prioritizes USB over WiFi. Therefore, if the device is connected to a WiFi network and to the PC via the USB cable at the same time, then Skype chooses the PC connection. There are issues with network protocols over USB which prevent the user from using some Skype features in this scenario. To use Skype, unplug your device from your PC.
Calling Bluetooth headsets are not supported for Skype calling on WIndows Phone
IM Very long messages may be not displayed properly in the Skype for Windows Phone.
Device support Your Windows Phone requires a minimum of 512MB of memory to install and use Skype.
Feature support Sending a Skype SMS and retrieving Skype voice messages are not supported on Windows Phone.

 Download the app ( ) and leave feedback here on the board.

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