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Skype for Windows Phone 8 - 2.11 Update

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You can now remove conversations from the Recents list the latest version of Skype for Windows Phone 8. We've just released v2.11 and it is now available in a Marketplace near you:


What’s new?
- Hide a conversation just by tapping and holding on it in the Recent list, and selecting ‘remove’.
- General fixes and speed improvements.


Read the full blog post for more information and enjoy!


As always your feedback is welcome and encouraged.

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Routine Adventurer
Contacts management needs seeing to.

Messenger and Skype accounts need to be properly and automatically merged.

At the moment it's unintuitive and just messy.
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Reliable Adventurer

Still no send SMS to phone functionality? Is it planned to implement it for Windows Phone?

No horizontal screen mode, when rotating phone for easier chating... frustrating.

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Routine Adventurer

and whats about file transfer (send/receive photos)??? c'mn skype, I...we know u can do it!!!

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Routine Adventurer

we can delete the chat history? OMG seriously, this is a "feature" to be announced?

where is "skype WiFi" app for WP?

where is "file transfer" (ops, in WP only "photo transfer") feature?

SMS to mobile phone? you have forgot this?

came on and make a decent client!

and the WP 7.X client is ridiculous (.... and you have stop the development, congratulations!)

MS still have the courage to sell WP 7 devices!

Can WE (your customers!) have a decent reply for the "missing" features?


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Community Manager

Hi lzk987,


Thanks for your feedback. The team continues to work closing the gap and even adding new features that will be first on Skype for Windows Phone. You can influence the development prioritization by submitting your idea here on the "Skype for Windows Phone Ideas board":

I'm sure you will see support from other community users on quite a few of these.

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Routine Adventurer

yeah finally a reply! thanks, I look your link, great!


...but still disappointed for the end of WP7.X client...

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Casual Adventurer
Still talk and see Facebook I want
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Novel Adventurer

we cant send / receive pictures on skype? Because im unable to do same.

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