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Skype for Windows Phone 7.8 Users (and Nokia Lumia 610 / 510)

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Microsoft and Skype team, have you forgot your Windows Phone 7.8 customers?

why the hell you microsoft and you skype team have done a blackberry version, without update and support the windows phone 7.8 user?

why the hell the lumia 610 / 510 are not supported? stop to blame the ram because my sister android with 256 mb ram, 600 mhz CPU armv6 with no gpu (huawei U8160 smart) can run skype well with call and chat!

this is not correct, we have paid this windows phone, we have supported you microsoft from the beginning and you thank us in this way?

we are your major customers and I can't believe that there is no support for us!
move on and update this crap!
1) Lumia 610 / 510 support! (and I repeat, stop blame the ram, if your system WP is better than android, why android can run skype well on very low end devices?)
2) add microsoft account login support! you acquire skype and you don't support the "new" login mode into your official app on your official mobile system?
3) ....and many more! (if other users want to add to this list...)
Sorry for this post but this situation is ridiculous...  (and sorry for my english, dude!)
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Accepted by Claudius (Community Manager)
‎28-08-2015 11:00

We have discontinued Skype for Windows Phone 7 and you are not able to sign in to Skype any longer on your phone. More details here:

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Simple don't waste your energy.Quit WP. Go for Android or IOS. MS not capable of doing a decent phone OS. They took more than 3 years to bring the so called perfect OS WP 8, again it is a complete flop
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I see, they spent more energy on competitors OS and no way for their primary OS, what a shame.

no reply here from admin / developer / etc.. ?

I miss the "Bill Gates" era...

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I agree and give Kudo to you, well said from a disappointed Nokia Lumia 800 owner!

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there is a developer / admin who can give us a reply? ....

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Hello, hello! The "ignore - game" with customer is not good.. now I can play to don't buy skype credit anymore and quit, for another voip competitor... thanks for all gentleman!
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Bill Gates era....well that has just started...and Bill Gates supports Monsanto...

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Very very disappointed. Sorry about windows phone. I have argued quit a lot with friends. Trying to convince them that WP are extremely good and nice to work with. Unfortunately they keep telling me about the poor apps of WP. Unfortunately I can now start seeing the problem. Guess what, I wasconsidering of buying my father a WP. Guess what. I will probably stick to android. Badly played about that. Farewell. Disappointed 7.8 WP customer from Athens Greece.
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I had Skype for my windows 7.8 Nokia 900 then cousin deleted it now I can't get it back wtf....
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I have Nokia Lunia 900. Did not get it deleted, but from yesterday I cannot log in. And I see on the market place that is no longer available for my device. You s&%$ windows phones.
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