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Skype for WP7 supports only speakerphone on HTC HD7?

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Skype on my HTC HD7 works only with my speakerphone! Am I the only one with this problem?

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Same here. Usingh htc mozart.

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Same here: HD7, firmware 7.10.8107.79. Incredible how little priority has been given to making Skype a 'feature' on WP7. More like an afterthought. GroupMe (also part of the Microsoft family now) works perfectly. Runs in background, toast works, and cross-platform makes it usable. Compared to GroupMe, Skype is completely useless.
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If the HD7 dosn't have a fror camera, it cannot Support Video falls.
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I mean Front camera
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HTC HD 7 don't have front camera but still you can video call it, but it will you back camera.

But there is some problem, I can see other person's screen at bottom on my phone, and my video is showing all over the screen..

You are not the only one and this problem is not limited to Skype. 


smorior83, Could you verify that Visual Voicemail also incorrectly routes audio through your speakerphone speaker as well?  If so, then I suspect the HD7 hardware.  Visual Voicemail (I'm on T-Mobile) has a speakerphone on/off button but it does not toggle between lcd-side speaker and camera-side speakerphone speaker for me. 


Skype has the same problem for HD7 owners.  We call a contact and the other person's voice is routed through the camera-side speakerphone speaker rather than the lcd-side ear speaker.


I have logged an issue with HTC and they of course point to software.  But if the same Skype software on the same OS works correctly on other hardware, this leads me to believe the problem is in the HD7 hardware/firmware.


Can Skype Tech Suppport verify that this problem is unique to the HD7 hardware?  Are all other handsets routing the audio correctly to the lcd-side ear speaker?  Thanks.


My numbers ------------

Carrier: T-Mobile USA

OS: 7.10.8107.79

Firmware: 2250.21.51202.531

Hardware Revision: 0002

Bootloader version: 5.12.2250.0(135916)

Chip SOC version:

Skype version:


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of course that HD7 have front camera...even a kid know that
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same here, can only talk through the loudspeaker, so annoying and ambarrasing. 

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Hi, is there any work around to address the problem?
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