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Skype doesn't Login from my Nokia Lumia 800

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Is anyone else facing problems with your other apps on Vodafone 3G ?? I'm struggling with not just Skype but also Nokia Maps, Tango, Whatsapp, the works !! If it is so, please let me hear from some other network user about their experience...
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i m using skype for my lumia on vodafone earlier it was working properly but at present i m not able to sign in on device but i can easily sign in on pc as the signing in in wp7 displays "sign in unsuccessful"
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Hi, I initially sign in on ny lumia800 and it worked well on both 3g and WiFi, now I can only sign in but I can't get 'online' status as it remains as not connected. What can I do to resolve issue?
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Same problem but where are the answers
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I am using vodafone uk, it used to work perfectly when first installed, only recently has it apparently logged in but I am set to ststus 'not connected'?

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Hey Friends ,


Somebody pls help..

Just got a new Lumia 710.

Not able to login. Tried uninstalling and resinstalling... Getting a error message saying -"check your network setting" - I am using Vodafone 3G..


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we have the following problem with our nokia 800. It's logged in properly, but even just I switch task,I don't get any notification, if somebody just try to call me , no notification at all. It's really weird from a windows phone, and skype is also an official windows product as well. Who cna use the skype like this? You can get only skype calls, if the skype is already on the screen, but if you  browse something on your phone, you can't use it until you go back into the app?

Totally shame.

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For al these questions:

Since skype is embedded within your lumiaXXX it is not posible to login into the skype app via your live account. If you had a skype account before use the old name and password and you can now login via the skype account. login in the skype app with the same account you are working with in your lumia (800) with me (windows 7.8!) is not possible. For windows 8 I don't know if this aplies the same.

Good luck

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I can login to view profile but cant access IM and video chat using my lumia 800. Please help, i downloaded the Skype app for more reasons than just to view my boring profile.
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