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Re: Why skype does not work in my lumia 720???

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Novel Tourist

i also have a lumia 720 and it is installed , however i cannot find anywhere to video call or add any contacts . i googled every which way to get some help but still no luck

please can someone help me start video calling

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Novel Tourist

lumia is so stupid series and skype is a non sense software...that's way they dont work together..

I hate Nokia...I will have to sell my mobile if skype not works on it any more..

Casual Adventurer

U R correct man .......same problem here. The Basic  is that Microsoft always 

tries to enfore their policies on customer, rather they should leave it as option to the customer..

and thats why .......... open source software ROCKS !!!


"Why The Hell Microsoft Want to merge/Link Skype account with the Microsoft Account with no proper support for the exception case "

Novel Tourist

I have got the same problem, i've updated Skype at the latest version but it still doesn't running on my Lumia 720 with Windows Phone 8.1 (developer preview)

Novel Tourist

Yes, i agree

Now could you please tell me the solution that how i login to skype through my Lumia 720

I dont want to merge my Microsoft account with skype. 


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