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Not syncing between devices?

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Novel Tourist

I have skype on my Windows phone, Windows RT, Laptop and PC and at one point on my IPad.  It seems they are not all syncing. I end up not seeing messages unless i open the app on the device it turns up on (as it doesn't always notify me, another issue I seem to be having!) I'm thinking of removing Skype from all but my windows phone but that could mean I end up deleting several video messeges that I would like to keep. I can only see them on my Windows RT? any help would be appreciated. 

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Novel Adventurer
Good question! I have the same problem!
Novel Tourist

I have the same problem! why arent there any answers here?


Reliable Adventurer
Yikes. Skype is Not syncing between devices desktop and Ipad

For years i have alawys counted on syncing

Now i have to open each device to find a message

I have desktop on windows 8.1
Samsung note

June 2014. Bill. Intranetsites
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