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Nokia Lumia 800

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Hi! Great news about Skype & Nokia Lumia 800.  Let me know when its availible as a download. Have Skype integrated with Sage Act via DialIT and its magic. Now just need on my Nokia Lumia 800. Alan MacKelworth

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Sorry...when is Skype available to download for Nokia Lumia 800?

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Skype is already  available for Nokia lumia 800...i'm using it...just look in the marketplace...or here zune://navigate/?appid=c3f8e570-68b3-4d6a-bdbb-c0a3f4360a51

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I have loaded skype can Chat but no ringtone on my lumia 800

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Who loaded Skype in my Nokia lumia 800
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When you come out the final version of Skype for Windows Phone?

I heave Lumia 710.

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i want to download skype in nokia lumia 800 but i cant download so please advice me i can download are not ?

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Hi Codezed

I've looked on Zune and in the marketplace, but can't find any Skype app.

Also tried entering the web address you gave, but that comes back as invalid.

Please could you let me know exactly what the app that you're using is called?



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Use the marketplace on your PC, and send yourself the link. It's quite easy to find... But it's also quite useless. It's a standalone app, (not integrated with messaging) and doesn't run in the background, meaning you can't do anything else while running it.

1 star.

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Any other application for video call for lumia 800 plz tell me
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