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Nokia Lumia 800

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Novel Tourist

Is there a Skype download for mobile NOKIA Lumia 800 available?

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Novel Tourist

i need to download skype for lumia 800, where i can do it?

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Novel Adventurer

Is not available at rhe moment and i dont know why... To many people wanna use skype on lumia but... Who cares????

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Novel Tourist

does anyone know what date skype will be available

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Casual Tourist

Is there anyone who tell me how can I get Skype on my lumia 800 I am very worry about that thanks

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Novel Tourist

Unbelievable!!! Microsoft own Skype, Microsoft "own" Nokia but no skype app on Lumia 800 ;-( What to say more!!!!

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Novel Tourist

Yes I would also like to know when Skype is getting available on the Lumia 800

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I need Skyped for Noki






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Casual Tourist

I really need a Skype,for my  Nokia 800, when that gonna happen...


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Casual Tourist

I joined the Lumia 800 owners club yesterday too. I'm a big Skype user and subscriber too. Skype, can you hear us?


How about an answer on availablity?

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