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No skype for wp7???

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Casual Adventurer

This is the most desperate marketing attempt EVER. Too bad it failed. WP would be great if microsoft would put some work in it. I always thought it had the potential to be better than android or ios. But if thats how they thank me for using their product, then it means I made a stupid choice. Good luck, microsoft, winning sales back from android and ios.

Novel Adventurer

we want skype back on marke place!!!!!

Novel Tourist
This is bad, like many here, I use skype to make international call everyday. No way I will get a windows 8 phone, as Tango is not supported in windows phone 8. So getting a cheap Android to tie me over until iPhone 6 now. Microsoft, you really don't have a clue with your mobile strategy.
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  • I do not understand MS for doing this. They own skype, they have a good system in WP7, and then they take away one of the key apps away. It will for sure cause people to buy Android or Iphone when  the support there is still working. WP are great phones - but its like MS wants to shoot themselves in the foot by taking this app away when there is no need at all.
  • MS- WHY have you done this? You are trying to build market share of WP - this will not help at all.
  • I heard MS assume that after two year phone contracts expire, new WP8 phones are purchased. That may be the case in some western countries but where I work there are no contracts and people use their phones way longer than two years. WP7 will be in use for sometime.

Please reverse this crazy decision!

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Casual Tourist

Dear Claudius!


Thanks for linking this post, but I thing we read it, but we not agree with this! As I know well wp7 phones are not to be updated wp8 (i dont know why...) so if the latest version of skype only available on wp8 or wp8.1 we cant use it... How can we solve this problem??


Waiting for your answer,

Best regards,


Reliable Adventurer
Microsoft is partial to its loyal users.. Just coz we are initial win7 phone users they are snatching us with basic apps... Already we r deprived of many basic apps win8 had and now this ... First of all we neglected lot... and now this... ...
above all skype mailed me that after few weeks my skype on win7 would stop login..
Cant we raise our voice against this?... Its good to offer new.. but snatching the old one is cheating... I wish i never had this window phone...
Can some one suggest how can we complain about the inconvenience we r facing?
Novel Adventurer

Dear Mr Microsoft, as you have arrogantly decided to ignore the needs of your customer I have consequently decided that from now on I'll not spend one single penny on any of your products. I'll obviously continue using whatever is available FOC but all will be slowly phased out with products offered by SERVICE providers. Best of luck!

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Can anyone tel me how to register my complaint for loss of skype for win7?
Casual Tourist
Can the update be reversed so the older version can be used again?
Casual Adventurer

Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8/8.1

My confusion goes to that is in my Windows Mobile in the only device that I have Skype with windows 8.1 and for I don't understand it the circular one that I received indicating that the mobile service will no longer be available after July 7.
Until the cellular ones are upgraded with the new version of Windows 10 months they will pass knowing as the operators they take in upgrading the operating systems and therefore we would not have Skype until then. Microsoft has not said anything in this respect on that it will pass in the Windows Phone if Skype will stop to work in that date and I don't believe those of Redmond they are thinking that we should use services of the competition to have this service.
If I chose to continue with Windows of Microsoft in the mobile services it is because I trust the program, because I can choose that it is discharged in them and I don't eat others that discharge garbage without knowing it. We will hope to next week to know it happens.

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