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Log into skype with Windows Live Account?

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So I finally got Skype install onto my windows 7.5 phone.

When I try log in there is no option for Windows Live login.

It just asks me for my skype login ID and password.


I have no idea what these are, as I just used the create skype account with Windows Live thing. 



I attempted to recover the login from the skype website, I was sent a link with a token number in my email address to recover this login ID, how ever it just comes up with the error "Sorry that password token is not recognized, please try entering it again or get another password token."


The same token error happens when trying to recover the pass.


I have tried this several times. Always teh same error.


So how can I find out my skype login ID and reset the password?

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Casual Adventurer

Okay well, I got that crap sorted out, had to unlink my live account.

Create a fresh skype account.

Then relink my live account on my new skype account to get all my msn contacts back.


But one major problem.

When I login using the skype user and pass my msn contacts do not apppear.

I have to login with the live account to see them... Whihc I am unable to do on my phone, so we are back to square one.


Honestly What is wrong with skype and microsoft...

Multi billion dollar company, cant even get a stupid chat program to work that ran fine for teh last decade.


SO CAN I talk to my msn contacts on my phone with a skype account or not?

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Staff Moderator

Unfortunately, since it is not possible to sign in to the Windows Phone 7 client with a Microsoft Account (MSA), it is not possible to use this client to talk to your Messenger contacts.


The Windows Phone 8 client does support MSA authentication and enables you to talk to your Skype and Messenger contacts.

Did my reply answer your question? Accept it as a solution to help others, Thanks.
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so when microsoft sent me and many other users with live id's, an email stating the live id login problems on all windows mobile devices would be resolved within a few weeks (that was a month ago), that was not true?

they made no distinction between 7.5 and 8 in that e-mail.

i was also encouraged to merge accounts, my mobile is set up fully with a live id, windows live messenger (a huge part of why i use a windows phone) is now being deactivated and again they are telling me to move to skype for further usage, they are aware of which device i own and that it uses windows 7.5.

some clarification on what is going on here would be great.
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In this forum we usually talk about logging into Skype for Windows phone 7.5, there is no option implemented on Skype for WP 7.5 to log in with Microsoft account, therefore it is not possible. You can only use a Skype username to log in. Whereas the Skype app for Windows Phone 8 also supports logging in with Microsoft account and chatting with your Messenger friends through Skype.

You should, however, still be able to communicate with your Messenger buddies through your phone's message hub.
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But isn't messenger coming to an end? How much longer have we got before that becomes unusable? Then what do we do?

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