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Insufficient Skype credit message

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Tried calling Israel, but I doubt it really has anything to do with the destination country.

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I am getting the same insufficient credit message when I am trying to dial US based phones from the US. I have a subscription that should let me do this.

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I actually have the Nokia Lumia 800 movile with windows phone and i´m having problems with skype.

I´ve  a plan to make phone calls with it and when i´m trying to use it, a message appears saying that i don´t have sufficient credit to call.

I´m used to use skype to call from Spain to Argentina with unlimited time and it allways worked prefectly with my computer.


I´ll be very pleased if you can help me to resolve this problem with my movile.

Thank you.

My account nick name is martynas77

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I have the same issue with the BETA using my HTC7. My username is ryinseattle and I'm on a "Unlimited US & Canada" calling plan. My app's dialing pad indicates I'm calling to the USA as expected (American flag icon shows) however when I call local area code numbers 425 (King County, WA) or 206 (Seattle, WA) I get the message, "You have insufficient Skype Credit to make this call. Check your account and try again."


I've tried calling the same numbers from Skype on Windows desktop and calls go out as expected. When I try calling a country from my desktop which my subscription doesn't cover I get the same insufficient funds message that shows on the app.


In the WP app I've also tried hitting the delete button on the dial pad to remove the '+1' (flag goes icon turns to "?") and typing the entire +1 number again...still doesn't work and gives the same error.

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Me too- login: jimscard, although suddenly today the desktop started saying I needed credit to forward my calls too (setting from my profile on the web worked).

Looks like something's wrong in one of the ways that clients determine whether you can call - it seems to have forgotten about subscriptions.
im in US calling US.
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Okay, so I tried adding a phone number to the account because I'd let mine expire and got the same message. Next I tried adding $10 Skype credit and now it allows the call and is "smart" enough to not decrement $ from my Skype credit; instead I see $0.00 by each call in my account's call history. $10 down however I can make calls without additional cost per call.

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same here. I have the unlimited canada & US. I'm calling from canada to canada. It seems that buying some credits will solve the problem, it credits won't be used, because of the subscription. But I still have to try it...
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I have an HD7 with T-Mobile and am receiving the insufficient skype credit message even though I subscribe to the unlimited us and canada per month.


The account I am using is the same as my desktop and mac account (which work fine)


The account name is cody.arnould86



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I got the same problem with my subscription!!

How to solve this thing???

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no body says any solution about this problem???????

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