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HTC 7 Mozart

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Novel Adventurer

Hello Team,guys,


Can you please help me, providing me information if skype beta is available for HTC 7 Mozart. Yesterday I upgrade the OS to Windows 7 Mango, but there wasn't available skype download in Marketplace. Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,


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Novel Adventurer

Hello guys, 


You can close this topic. I found the solution and I'll try to explain it for everyone, which is going to find a solution for the same problem:

- the main issue is coming you CANNOT find skype in marketplace, because it is not a part of searched categories. 

- you cannot download it from the web using, cause Windows Live still have many problems with synch, registration, etc... Anyway, I hope these problems will be put in pat after several months. Till this time, the solutions is posted below:

- use your mobile browser (Bing in my case) to enter followed: zune://navigate/?appid=c3f8e570-68b3-4d6a-bdbb-c0a3f4360a51 .It is direct link for downloading skype through the marketplace without searcing there MANUALLY. 

- a hint: if you need to download anything else through the marketplace, but you can't find it using your phone, the solution is firstly to find it in and after that just to replace some keywords with another and remove some other words. For example: the web URL for skype for WM is - do you see the equality


All, take care...

Novel Adventurer
Thanks, worked to install on my mum's 7 Trophy
Novel Tourist

Hi. Dear

My phone is HTC 7 Trophy. When i open the link for marketplace via zune. I can not download the skype . it didnot show the a press to download it. why is that? cheers!



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