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Does it run in the background?

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I have this version on the Samsung Focus Flash and it works well; however, I wish this thing would keep running in the background when I go back to my start screen or am in another app. I can only receive calls if I am logged in and it is the app open.
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Novel Adventurer
It also doesn't vibrate my phone when someone calls.
Former Staff

unfortunately Skype for Windows Phone 1.0 does not run in the background, so you have to have it in the foreground to receive calls or chat. Sorry for the inconveniences.
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Novel Tourist

Manager of the Windows Phone 7 version really blew-it, big-time. Skype (Miscrosoft) needs to announce support for background task and tile notification support in the next release. Hurts Skype and Microsoft, but more so hurts the customer who relies on the both of you to make this transition happen smoothly.

Novel Adventurer
I agree with rco. The app isn't worth it without background support. I understand it's in beta, but why bother if you can only use it in the foreground. Really hoping MS can lift their game and make this happen ASAP. Also, need proper support for the Nokia 800. Very disappointed this was dropped so soon.
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I completely agree with gilbertad and eco, it needs to work properly in background and tile notification, I have a lumia 800 and am quite disappointed as Skype did work properly on my old Nokia phone
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Agree also. Have the same experience as incidit, and its frustrading. Skype must run in the background and be able to give sounds by chats and calls. It worked on my old nokia
Novel Tourist
I agree also. What's the point if Skype doesn't work in background... I don't believe it is hard to fix it...

The same thing with YouTube...

### user of Nokia lumia 900
Former Staff



On this topic, I understand your disappointment and am sorry for the inconvenience. 


Between Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8, we completely re-architected Skype so that messages and calls can be received when the app is not in the foreground.  Unlike on other platforms, Skype does not "run in the background", even on Windows Phone 8 (which is why your battery life is preserved).  The nature of the OS changes means our WP8 "hybrid" app doesn't "just run" on WP7.  And, unfortunately, it isn't easy and quick to offer this functionality for you.


Since WP8 was announced, we've spent 100% of our development time in getting a working app for that platform;  and we have a lot of work left to go.




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This is poor. Sorry to say that! I like my W8 Phone but it is in a very, very early state of a beta und as longer as i use it, so more disappointing is it. is it freeware? w8 and skype are from the same company ... is it nessesary to use the community for testing (and crying). Come on.  

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