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I was waiting for Skype to become available for Windows Phones since the beginning, but sadly I have to say that my excitement with the news of Skype availability turned out to be a major disappointment, even being a beta.

I tested a Skype video call between a HTC Radar (European model) and a Laptop. Both were connected to my Home Network. I have a bandwidth of Mbps download / 5 Mbps upload (real speed), still the image quality was terrible. Skype on the laptop kept complaining that the network speed was too slow for video. Come on!

I understand that the phone doesn't support these speeds, but even so. This is supposed to be an application for Smartphone’s. I get better results using the third party video calling application.

Give me a reason to return to using Skype on the laptop, because I had given up on that a long time ago.


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