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Dial skype using car voice recognition system

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I just got a Lumia 521.  I can use my car's voice recognition system to call someone ("call Bob"), and I can answer the phone by pressing a button on the steering wheel.  Is there any way to get my car's voice recognition to use skype instead of the regular phone?  My phone plan has only 100 voice minutes per month, so I'd like to use Skype instead of voice minutes most of the time.  Browsing these forums it looks like you can do it with Android, but I see no mention of Windows phones having this capability.  Anybody know if it's possible?  Although it seems like a small thing, it would make the phone dramatically less cumbersome to use and Skype infinitely more feasible as a voice service replacement.


By the way, the system I'm referring to is a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep UConnect.  It's the same general idea as the Microsoft Sync system found in Fords.

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I don't think so.  I know on Android you can switch the default dialer (e.g., to use Skype instead of the actual stock dialer).  I have the same UConnect system and a Lumia 920 and have the same problem.

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First, let me say how happy I am to hear that you want to use Skype fulltime.  I also have a phone plan with a small amount of minutes and use Skype for Windows Phone for all my communitication.


Let me take your questions separately:


1) Bluetooth is not officially supported right now by our app, so your call quality should be fine but your user experience may be inconsistant (potentially around using the switching speaker button during a call).


2)  Unfortunately we do not currently support voice recognition, but we are always looking at ideas for new features for future releases.

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Actually, Skype does not need to support either of those features for this to work.  Voice recognition is definitely handled by the car's system, not by any application on the phone.  By the time an application like Skype is involved, any voice commands have already been interpreted by the car's built-in voice recognition system, translated into operation requests which are sent to the phone through a standard protocol, recognized by the operating system as a specific request such as making a phone call to a specific number, and only then is it finally passed to an application such as Skype through an API.  By the time it gets to Skype it looks exactly as if you had typed a number on the phone's screen.  Skype neither cares nor needs to care how the number was entered.


That's why I can use Skype through my car's system on an Android phone - not because Skype for Android has implemented voice recognition, but because Android provides a way for apps like Skype to respond to phone call requests.  Skype just needs to look for ACTION_CALL broadcasts and the phone number gets served up on a silver platter.


What concerns me is that this may not be possible on Windows Phone even if Skype wanted to do it.  For Skype to work this way on a Windows phone, WP8 needs to provide interfaces it can pass call requests to, and Skype needs to implement those interfaces.  I don't know which of those pieces is currently missing.  Based on what I've seen so far, I suspect it's a deficiency in the OS.  Even worse, I suspect the API is not just missing, but missing by design.  That's why Swype can't be implemented for WP8, because the WP8 team is philosopically opposed to the ability to use an alternative keyboard.


I had such high hopes for Windows Phone, which is of course why I bought one in the first place.  It hasn't lived up to expectations.

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So I can't speak to the UConnect system directly as I have not looked into it, but the Windows Phone OS has a voice recognition system built into it ( that applications can hook into.  And as far as I can tell from this article (, UConnect should work with WP just fine.  But as I stated before, we currently do not support (or implemented) voice recognition in Skype for Windows Phone.

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"as I stated before, we currently do not support (or implement) voice recognition in Skype for Windows Phone."


And as I've stated before, that kind of misses the point.  I appreciate the response, and I swear I'm not trying to be rude, but if the phone plays any part in the voice recognition piece of the puzzle, you're doing it wrong.  The voice recognition piece is handled BY THE CAR, not the phone.  Car voice recognition systems, including mine, use the exact same voice commands to control an iPhone, an Android phone, and a Windows phone, because the phone isn't where the voice recognition takes place.  Skype does not need to implement voice recognition, nor leverage the voice recognition built into the OS.  For car compatibility, it would be misguided to even try.


Yes, UConnect works just fine with a Windows Phone, but just for the actual cell-based phone, not for Skype.  Android is more capable because it can make Skype look like a "normal" phone capability to the car, while WP8 cannot.  And THAT is what I'm hoping for in the future, NOT voice recognition implmented in Skype.

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I have a unique twist to this problem, and since you seem to be knowledgeable in this area I thought I would ask for some advice. I am currently using Skype for most of my calling. No cell phone. I have a Android tablet, the Note 8 LTE.. Calls via Skype are great either on Wifi or 4g, but in the car I have a problem. To make a call on Skype takes upwards of 15 taps on the tablet. I want to be able to tap once to open and then say "Call Joe at work". But I can't as both the Google voice actions and the "Assistant" app I tried both say my device is not set up for calls and will not make the call. I have not tried all the voice apps, there are a few, so I will keep trying that rout.
Any thoughts?

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