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Can't sign out to use mulltiple skype accounts

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That worked. Maybe some thought toward making it less arcane? Wish we didn't have to get so frustrated to get an answer. FAQs and google didn't help. Regards.
Casual Tourist

It's not even about multiple user accounts. I simply don't WANT to be signed in permanently (costs of data usage in 3rd world countries etc.). Consequently I have deleted Skype from my Nokia L 820. 'Hearing' users is great, but not 'doing' anything is quite unsatisfactory; especially with the excuse that this is NOT an issue for many others. That's like saying a fly in your soup is OK, because some people will fish it out and continue eating. It's NOT Ok.

Novel Tourist

This functionality is required urgently, as windows pohone is the prime preference for offical use and most persons have multiple skype accounts for offical use and home use, so it is therefore an urgent requirement for the convenience of the users.

I am myself facing problems due to this lapse in the Skype App as I cannot log into my official skype account on my phone and miss upon important conversations which I have to handle from my PC only

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