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CRITICAL BUG: Skype causes SMS to fail to certain numbers

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This is a problem which has frustrated me for a long time. There is one of my contacts who I also have as a Skype contact. In Skype, he has written his mobile number. It displays whoever with the +61 for Australia, but without dropping 0 (0401 111 111 should be +61401 111 111 but is +610401 111 111)


And Skype overrides the number that I store, and I have control over, with this number that I have no control over. And for whatever reason, this causes any sms I send to him to return a message of "Can't send"


I uninstall Skype, it works again. resinstall it, it stops working. I delete him as a contact, it works again, add him again and it stops working.

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This is an ongoing issue for Skype.  Their techs should be able to fix it.  The money gets deducted from Skype credit but the sms does not get delivered.  Skype tries to blame it on the telcos,  not telcos fault, its a Skype issue.  I want my money back Skype!!!


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Just to clarify, I don't mean SMS sent through Skype, I mean normal SMS that should have nothing to do with Skype.
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My problem is with sending an sms from skype to a mobile phone.  I use skype credit for this.  It is not working, the money gets deducted but the sms does not get delivered.  It shows as delivered on the skype report.  This is an ongoing as well as on and off issue.  It worked last week, today, not working.

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Thanks for reporting this. I've created a bug report.

Note to me: ESWP-25


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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The easiest solution (at least in the short term) is an option to not integrate phone numbers with the people hub. "Skype - voice, video, chat" Excellent - Keep that. But forcing us to have phone numbers from skype shoved in is just stupid. In my contact list the person who causes this bug is the only person who has put their real phone number on skype. Everyone else either has no phone number or has entered a fake number. Either way, I don't want the numbers in my people hub.


This isn't just breaking skype this is breaking a critical part of the phone. It needs to be fixed ASAP.

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I am running the latest Skype update on my MacBookPro and on my Toshiba All-in One Windows 8.1 and this sms function to mobile phones is still not working.  What ticks me off is that Skype is deduction money for undelivered sms to mobiles.


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@Wpdebeer I don't mean to be rude, but can you please post your issue to a seperate post? It has nothing to do with this topic and is the equivelent of having two conversations at once. This thread should just be about the one issue it was made for.

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cpmcgrath: A temporary workaround might be to unlink that account in your people hub, so that you have the Outlook/Google/Facebook and the Skype account info for that contact separately. We'll try to reproduce this issue and take the necessary next steps meanwhile.

Thanks for the report.


wpdebeer: Please contact Skype customer service to get a refund for undelivered SMS.

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This issue is still happening. This breaks the phone, not just the app. It should be considered CRITICAL.

And the solution is simple, have an option of, "Do not import phone numbers into the people hub"

As I said before, most people on my list have either entered no number or a fake number. So you're importing data that I really don't want.

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