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Are you getting chat and call notifications?

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we cant send or receive picture throught skype why???

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That was very nice yeah still it's good I like it because I could chat and video calling too
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Notification from Skype users with non-Microsoft/Live accounts are still broken.


- phone shows toast, and tile count goes up

- I tap the Skype app (or launch through toast)

- no new messages inside Skype app.

- I log into anywhere (does not need to be phone) and wait 30 sec.

- I log out from hotmail/ without doing anything.

- Phone shows within seconds a second new message notication for the same message.

- This time it does show up inside the Skype app.


Since the message did arrive and you can even see a part on the toast, this looks a least partially like a Skype App issue.



I know Skype is originally a telefony app, but in terms of chat functionality and reliability, you get a fat F on Windows Phone. Lacks pretty much all basic featues (sending pictures anyone?) and has been non-stop unreliable since the first day Skype for Windows Phone was released. It is just one issue after another ...

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not getting chat
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Guys I havng a Skype but I dnt knw 2 make a Col,and c some1 whose is collng,or who I Col plz guys help m.u can Col m0729291956
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Yes, I sign in with non Microsoft account to. Skype Windows Phone 8 lacks of many features. Now I buy Android, the Skype works very well.
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Go to setting


- > Wifi


->  Click Advanced


->  check the box Keep wifi on when screen times out


It may solved the issue




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Yeah it help alot since it encourage the user to use it any where with their mobile which is also cute.
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Well am one of the few not notifications am using [Removed for privacy] Skype name or community name Sutherland124
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