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Status/Chat Muting/Sign in/Tiles

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Status: Implemented
Status: Implemented

So on the PC Skype which i use all the time, and auto log in when i turn on my PC.

I would like there be more status like there is on PC on phone, "Do Not Distrub" or "Away" "Offline" so can leave skype signed on then DnD auto turn notifactions off Etc.


Able to stop notifiactions while on Skype on laptop or PC. Maybe have setting where when on another device turn mobile status to DnD, make the phone status and PC Status not link so so when go possbile if add in "Offline" that it justs goes offline on phone but not on PC.


Maybe make it so can PIN different status to the live tile page. So have Online, DnD, Offline or what ever you want as the smallest tile on you home screen off the phone, and when click e.g on DnD the skype tile will turn Red instead of Blue saying skype is now on DnD, click Online tile and skype Tile will go either Blue or Green to say now online, just a fast way to change the status without having to open skype wait on loading screen, click at the top then change status then close skype.


Conversatoin muting does not link through other devices and doesn't excist on phone. This i would like due to being in conversations that have like 40 people in and only check now and then or check when certian words or phrases are used, would like this feature on the phone.


Sign in with SKYPE account again, as it much shorter name and nicer then having to link with microsoft account then sign in then filter connacts to just skype.

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Status changed to: Implemented

Thanks for submitting the idea. The "Away" status is now being shown correctly in the latest Skype for Windows Phone. See the announcement here: