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Send pictures

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Status: Duplicate
Status: Duplicate

I would really like you add function to send images, files or other on skype for windows phone ! It's really a lack for those who wish to share something with their Skype contacts and have to go through complicated and devious ways to do this. Approve of my idea ! (Sorry for my very bad english ! Live google translate !!)

Novel Tourist

I agree that skype should have the feature to send images through windows phone 8, if someone knows a way it would be awesome!

Novel Tourist

Yes, I want this too!  My mobile provider (Rogers in Canada) has lousy support for my Lumia 920.  Sending and receiveing MMS/picture messages usually fails, particularly in areas with spotty service.  However Skype just works. It would be great if I could use Skype to send and receive pictures (and other files, maybe even integrated with SkyDrive) exactly the same as I do on my desktop.

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Status changed to: Duplicate
This is a duplicate of the "file transfer" idea here: Please vote for that idea to show your support.