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Send SMS from Skype to phone numbers

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Status: Future possibility
Status: Future possibility

SMS to mobiles is a must.


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Horizontal screen layout when typing in chat. Please create a separate idea for that.

Send/Receive photos. Separate idea here

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Status changed to: Future possibility
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this is the critical missing piece!

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To clarify, at least what I'm looking for, is that you can use Skype to send SMS through my phone. Ideally it will know what number I'm sending from (either from what I'm replying to or what I've selected) and send from the phone with that number - a lot of us have two phones for whatever reason (like personal and business).
Skype should be trying to be a more complete communication solution. This means handling SMS and MMS. If Skype doesn't have features like this but, for instance, google voice does - then I'm going to use gvoice and bother less with Skype. Waiting for everyone to adopt Skype for phone-phone texting won't work - too many people use ordinary SMS/MMS. It's the standard. Working with this standard is a must. In other words, someone should be able to pick up their phone and be able to use Skype for all communication, regardless of whether the person on the other end uses Skype. If a user has to switch to the phone's SMS/MMS or whatsapp or (god forbid) email, its a headache.
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Add SMS messaging to the WP app! I wonder why no-one thought of such a great feature before. Oh, wait, it's already on the bendPhone and lagDroid apps. No love for Windows Phone, MS?

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Lots of people on many different threads have called for SMS to be added to the Skype app on Windows Phone. It's in the "modern" app for Windows 8.1, so it really cannot be so difficult to add it to the Windows Phone app, especially considering that it is available on other platforms (it was even available on the old Symbian app!). While I would certainly like a solution whereby it is possible to send an SMS via Skype straight from the "People" hub (plus of course make a call via Skype from that hub), I wouldn't want that kind of integration to hold up the long overdue addition of SMS directly in the app. It beggars belief that Skype have continually answered that "they have no plans" to add this feature to the WP app, for the last couple of years! Why provide it on every other platform and not on this one? It's the one thing preventing me from making more extensive use of Skype. Skype messaging is really not up to the experience of an SMS yet. It's unreliable on many platforms, and I can't be sure that people I want to message have Skype on their mobiles. In any case, unfortunately WhatsApp stole Skype's thunder in this area, as WhatsApp is supported on even quite basic feature phones (whereas Skype has disabled its Symbian and WP7 support) and it is directly linked to people's phone numbers.