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Messaging Hub to integrate Skype chat

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Status: Implemented
Status: Implemented
For all of my Windows Phone friends, the Messaging Hub is one of the best features of the OS.

It's clear and simple to use. The fact that it integrates Messenger, text and Facebook chat is an amazing feature.

It's literally the one stop place for all messaging and it's an extremely useful and valuable feature.

One problem is that Skype messages don't appear here, instead they go to a separate app.

It makes sense to include Skype to the Messaging Hub.

Looking at the Messaging Hub and Skype app side by side, the layout and how you actually view messages is so much clearer on the Messaging Hub.

It's actually pointless having chat on the Skype app, and annoying that it's not integrated.
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It would be interesting whether messaging should be integrated with video calls. I'm not so sure, but certainly video messages should be. Unfortunately for some stupid reason, things like Facebook chat integration has been dumped out of Windows. I hope Windows Phone doesn't follow this trend. They also took away the Facebook and Flickr integration from the Photos app in Windows... Idiotic.
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They just need to merge Skype in a bit better. So that its as merged in as WLM was. Sending texts and making calls should default to Skype usernames, and if a username isn't found, then it goes through the phone network. In other words, make it more like Hangouts and iMessage. So drop the messaging app and make Skype support texts through tariffs. Then do the same on Windows desktops and tablets.

Agreed. This must be integrated into the Messaging Hub. It is rather annoying having to use the Skype app. I love how Messenger is intergrated.


Also, I agree that Skype should be come part of the OS and not really be an app of the OS.



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Like the idea!.. and of course you need to work in the notification MPOP too!

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Make sure it is soooooon and add mobile # like whatsapp invitation method as well
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Understood that messenger fro the  built-in hub would not be feature rich, but for simple text messenging and file sharing, which is probably what most people do 90% of the time, it would be great to not have to open an app and everything in one place.

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Status changed to: Under consideration
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I would also recommend that skype call should also go without opening Skype APP..

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I use Skype heavily everyday to keep communication flowing with my coworkers about ongoing events and needs within the company. I work all kinds of hours and often resort to using Skype on my Lumia 1020. When my coworkers are not on Skype I must resort to normal SMS text messages. It would be incredibly helpful if Skype were integrated into the Message Hub so that I only have to look one place in order to see an entire conversation instead of jumping between the Message Hub and the Skype app.
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Agree wholeheartdly with all the above comments, and please make Skype chat when other person is offline persistent and reliable, just like SMS! Then I don't need to bother with WhatsApp and will convert all my friends and family back to Skype!