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Messaging Hub to integrate Skype chat

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Status: Implemented
Status: Implemented
For all of my Windows Phone friends, the Messaging Hub is one of the best features of the OS.

It's clear and simple to use. The fact that it integrates Messenger, text and Facebook chat is an amazing feature.

It's literally the one stop place for all messaging and it's an extremely useful and valuable feature.

One problem is that Skype messages don't appear here, instead they go to a separate app.

It makes sense to include Skype to the Messaging Hub.

Looking at the Messaging Hub and Skype app side by side, the layout and how you actually view messages is so much clearer on the Messaging Hub.

It's actually pointless having chat on the Skype app, and annoying that it's not integrated.
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Agreed !

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+1! Gotta give it some unique advantages over the other platforms.
I am now using Skype and Messaging together... It is hard for me to have double notification... If Skype want to replace the Message Hub, please add facebook chat and SMS into it...

Yes just like windows live messenger is integrated, now that Skype has replaced windows live messenger then it also needs to replace messenger in the message hub and benable to send photos and other things just like messenger can currently. It's strange to have phased out messenger when it is still integrated into the message hub

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. In terms of user interface, how it looks and how clear it is to understand, the Messaging Hub is a lot clearer. I think mainly because of the faux speech bubble and contrasting bubble colours. For some reason the Skype chat interface is too busy. It's difficult to discern who wrote the message even though they are labelled! Perhaps it's because the use of colour differentiation and left/right placement of speech bubbles are visual indicators, and hence better and easily understood. Written labels take one extra step as you have to read them! Would love to introduce video, photo, SkyDrive attachments like Whatsapp.
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Yes, Skype messaging needs to be integrated in the MessagingHub! Also include Video messages aswell. That way, the messaging bits in the Skype App can be dropped, or at least synchronised and de-emphasised >>> i.e. so we don't get two toast notifications everytime someone messages you!

Agree that Messaging Hub layout is a lot CLEARER!

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It drives me crazy when you need to find pieces of chats everywhere!!

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Yeah, this is need to implemented. See facebook's messaging? It implemented in Messaging apps albeit not perfect. What an irony, facebook's messaging are integrated yet its own messaging service needs separate apps. Furthermore, its own apps are optional. On personal note, I use skype a lot and it'll helps me lot of time if it integrated to Messaging apps.

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Not only should Skype be integrated into Messaging hub on Windows Phone, but it must become a part of the OS itself, as well as of Windows/RT. There's no point in keeping separate Skype application for Windows/Windows RT/Windows Phone deices anymore, not in this age. Video calling and text messaging must become a part of seamless Windows experience, with standalone apps existing only for other platforms that luck such integration.