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Messaging Hub to integrate Skype chat

This idea has been archived. The current active ideas can be found in the Skype Idea Exchange
Status: Implemented
Status: Implemented
For all of my Windows Phone friends, the Messaging Hub is one of the best features of the OS.

It's clear and simple to use. The fact that it integrates Messenger, text and Facebook chat is an amazing feature.

It's literally the one stop place for all messaging and it's an extremely useful and valuable feature.

One problem is that Skype messages don't appear here, instead they go to a separate app.

It makes sense to include Skype to the Messaging Hub.

Looking at the Messaging Hub and Skype app side by side, the layout and how you actually view messages is so much clearer on the Messaging Hub.

It's actually pointless having chat on the Skype app, and annoying that it's not integrated.

Don't forget the safety issue! In the message hub, I can use the built-in TTS/SR to "read" and reply to messages while driving. Not so with the Skype app. It would be wonderful if they were (or at least had the option to be) one and the same!

Novel Adventurer

Not only should Skype be integrated into Messaging hub on Windows Phone, but it must become a part of the OS itself, as well as of Windows/RT. There's no point in keeping separate Skype application for Windows/Windows RT/Windows Phone deices anymore, not in this age. Video calling and text messaging must become a part of seamless Windows experience, with standalone apps existing only for other platforms that luck such integration.




Make Skype as integrated as the normal phone/call functionality.


But not only this; Everything is about communication and a clear view and control of what the status is of a communication with a specific contact/person.


Every message, no matter source, should be integrated into one central place where I can get a complete view of what is going on.

I want to see all emails (from all accounts), SMS-text messages, Skype messages and [any other app] messages in one "conversation history" tab for a contact.  This is so obvious it is almost a bug that it doesn't already exist!


All message things should be integrated in a seamless way....I want to be able to have a group conversation between a Skype participant, a normal phone participant and any other app that features voice communication.  It should not matter what client the other person is using....make it all work together!!!



I want to be able to send a message where some recipients are e-mail addresses, some are SMS-text recipients, some are Skype message recipients and some are whatsapp text message recipients.


Apps that provide communication features should be able to registrer themselves as such with the OS, and then by implementing a certain interfaces they should be part of the native messaging framework.


Think of different messaging apps as "drivers" to different message-exchange-protocols, just like printer drivers abstract the hardware differences so that any windows application can print to any printer, the "send message app" in the phone should be able to send messages to any of the installed messaging formats (Skype, SMS, SMTP, exchange, whatsapp. and so on...) this is what your users want!  This is the thing that, possibly, can make windows-phone a main stream product.



  • Start doing things that are good for the end-users.
  • Start doing things that are good for phone manufacturers.
  • Start doing things that are good for developers.
  • Start looking at the phone as a small computer, not some special kind of special hardware/device that should only be used in a pre-defined way.
  • Separate the phone OS from the hardware. Microsoft develops the phone-os, hardware manufacturers develop device dependent drivers. Just as a normal computer!
  • Open up access to the whole phone for developers. Everything should be accessible, from the audio stream for voice communication (part of the stream or copy of the stream), all events should be accessible (incoming call, incoming message, outgoing message, battery events, network events, device dependent events, camera events, GPS events, gyro events, compass events, accelerometer events,  [any and all hardware events]. Also make it possible to swap out the different "native" "apps" in the OS, like the phone app, the new message app, the answer call app, keyboard app, and so. Everything should be possible to customize, extent, improve and so on.



  • Stop doing things that are only good for GSM/UTMS/LTE service/infrastructure providers.
  • Stop doing things that limit developer’s ability to create amazing software.
  • Stop turning windows phone into a mac/iPhone, open up the API so we can have full access to the entire device and create amazing and unique software for the phone.



Casual Tourist
We really need this now that windows messenger had been retired.
If cannot integrate into Message Hub, please improve the loading speed. I think it is still slow (Click from Notification) in old device Lumia 920
Routine Adventurer

Message hub is dead in 8.1...

Novel Adventurer
Added some Kudos for this and just wanted to chime in and say that I have been waiting for this since the day Microsoft officially acquired Skype. Long overdue.
Routine Adventurer
Yes, have the 8.1 Messaging Hub. It's dead now! Facebook and Messenger now gone, kind of makes it pointless. The UI is great, interesting that WHATSAPP adopted the same UI and they are doing well. I wonder why SKYPE still insists on using their much inferior IM layout. If Skype are listening, they need to adopt the Messaging UI and merge Skype IM with SMS/MMS. If you can get other 3rd parties on board, the better...
Casual Tourist

I agree that the integration feature is needed!!

Novel Tourist
Skype sucks. Long loading time on my phone
Novel Tourist

skype should be what iMessage is for Apple, plain and simple.  it's robust enough, just work on implementing it into Windows Phone the way it should be.  it should be seamless, and integrated into the whole OS, not some app on the side.