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Live Tile/Action Center to show missed call notifications

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Status: Future possibility
Status: Future possibility
This feature is really needed. Currently, I only know about them inside the app. Thanks!
Novel Adventurer

This is really needed, as i constantly get complaints from friends/relatives/colleagues about not calling them back, but how could i know that they called if this isn't displayed anywhere.

Routine Adventurer

c'mon now there is notification in lockscreen for birthdays (who cares!?) but still no missed calls, that's far far more important

Novel Tourist

This would be UBER helpfull as I get calles and messages while I am slepping and I miss them!

Community Manager Emeritus
Status changed to: Comments Requested

We're already supporting missed call and chat notifications. If you don't see them it's a bug. Can you clarify you are on Windows Phone 8.1?

Routine Adventurer
I see chat notifications as a banner, inside action center, and live tile count, but not the missed calls notifications anywhere (live tile or action center). Only when I open Skype, I see an orange shirt with number of missed calls. Ask this is for Skype to Skype call, not Skype to phone or phone to Skype.
Routine Adventurer
Yes, I'm on Windows phone 8.1.1DP with Cyan.
Routine Adventurer
Typos in the previous post: Orange dot* All* this is
Reliable Adventurer

there are no alerts for missed calls, im sure i think it just says there is a message, or nothing at all, fix this asap

Routine Adventurer

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no if someone try to call me (only call without chat) and I don't pickup, I don't see any notification in: live tile, lock screen, action center.


lumia 920 and 930 (cyan + 8.1.1)