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Add Voicemail support

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Status: Implemented
Status: Implemented

As the title says, I would like to see Voicemail support in the Skype app for Windows Phone 8.

Novel Adventurer

As noted in comments above, at minimum make it possible to recieve a voice mail while the mobile app is installed.  Not having access to hear the messages is one issue. 


The MAJOR issue and why I cannot have the app even installed is that voice mail never picks up if the app is installed.  That is a major fail - I pay for and rely upon the voice messages for my business - in fact I only use Skype for business, to coordinate my team across 4 countries.


Until that you stop denying access to the paid for service (voice mail) don't do any more updates to the app.  I don't care about new free features like drawing on an app that disables a paid for service.  I will never use it if it disables the service I pay for.

Casual Tourist
What an absolute joke. Wish I had know this before I coughed up my money for a skype number. I can't believe we have to vote for a service that should be standard. Give me a list of Skype windows phone priorities and why this is not number one! Are you telling me that in a year all your money, resources and talented staff and you haven't been able to sort this out? Add the fact I can't use a Bluetooth keyboard with my 1520 and I really do wonder why I chose windows for my business phone. This is embarrassing.
Casual Adventurer
Voicemail for windows phone Skype!!!!
Casual Tourist

It's 2015 and this feature is still not available on your own platform. That's inexcusable! As a user who just added a Skype number, this is frustrating. I certainly won't renew my sub when it expires.

The problem is still there. Such a shame!


Same here! Please do something about this!

Novel Tourist

WTF - seriously - we still have no voicemail support for even Windows Phone 10???

Casual Adventurer

july 2016, STILL NO SKYPE VOICEMAIL on windows phone!!!!!

Novel Tourist

Hey anyone, is that really true? Is there no skype voicemail even now on Windows 10 for phone?

This would be a deal breaker if true.

Shame as I wanted to ditch my 'droid and get back to Winphone -- it's so much nicer! :-)


Casual Adventurer

I still can't access voicemail on my skype on windows phone 8.1. So I cancelled my Skype number.