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Skype Community has moved

You can find the new Skype Community here. For more information please read this post.

Using accepted solutions on the Skype Community

Former Staff

The Skype Community is a fantastic place to ask questions and get some support when things don’t go according to plan. Whether you’re looking for a way to get Skype calls on the move or your friend can’t hear you on a call, chances are someone in here has a solution for you.


Accept a solution today for a healthier Community


Whenever you start a discussion here on the Community you have the ability to accept any of the replies as a solution. This helps grow a healthy Community and makes the solution easier to find for others who might have the same issue. It’s also a great way to say “Thanks!” to whoever helped you. Other users can’t accept solutions for discussions you start, so think of the solution as your own stamp of approval.


To accept a solution, simply click the link shown here.



Accepted solutions – head and shoulders above the crowd


Replies which are accepted as a solution get special recognition on the Community. For example, it’s easy to see at a glance if a discussion has been solved when you’re looking at a board. When you open a solved discussion, the solution is then shown right below the original question.




Use search filters to find more accepted solutions


The Community search tool is built to help you find discussions with an accepted solution. You’ll recognize them by the same green Accepted Solution badge in your search results.

You can even filter your searches to show only discussions which have accepted solutions using the metadata filter. Learn more about searching on the Community.

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