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Skype Community Guidelines

Community Manager Emeritus

Welcome to the Skype Community!


The objective of the Community Guidelines is to guide you through the proper use and the behaviour we expect on our community. We want to ensure that the community remains a valuable channel in providing the support you need with Skype as well as providing a positive platform for exchanges.


1. No direct support

Be aware that this is a peer-to-peer support community; Skype does not provide direct customer support to you via these boards. Please review the support FAQs for official latest user guides.  If you require immediate assistance directly from Skype, please contact customer service.


2. Update your software

We are constantly improving Skype and fixing bugs, so the first thing you should check is if you are running the latest Skype version.  Also check if you have installed all updates for your operating system and device drivers. Visit your vendor's site to see if any updates are available.


3. Research your question before posting

Many of your questions may have been answered. Search the community and other materials (FAQs, user guides) and try previously suggested tips related to your issue first. If you cannot find an answer, please start your own topic (one question at a time) explaining your problem, system set up, and what you already tried.


4. Choose the correct discussion board carefully

If you are a new user, browse through the community to find the board which most closely matches the topic you are posting about. Please read the board description. This way you ensure to receive an answer as quickly as possible. A good starting point would be the platform boards (Windows, Mac, Mobile etc.).


5. No topic hijacking

Do not “hijack” other topics. Always start your own topic unless your issue, suggestion, or recommendation is directly related to the original poster’s query.


6. No post deletion

Please be conscious of what you post in the community and consider that it will be stored permanently for public display. We only remove posts that violate our Community Guidelines. We don't remove or edit posts simply because you "change your mind", so please consider carefully whether or not you are happy with your post being displayed publicly indefinitely.


7. Personal information

Please keep in mind that this community is accessible by the public and providing personal information is prohibited. Never post or share with other community member your: full name, username, age, date of birth, password, email/physical address, phone number, order number, credit card number and any other private information.


8. Uploading Images

Our members come from various cultural backgrounds and experiences. Therefore it is unacceptable to post or request images sexually explicit or anyhow offensive.  Pictures that would make most viewers feel uncomfortable shall not be allowed. Please refer to the Skype Etiquette for guidelines on offensive content.


9. We need your help

If you notice users breaching guidelines, give them guidance. If you see specific cases of abuse, rudeness or other violations of these guidelines, feel free to bring it to the attention of a moderator through “Report Inappropriate Content“. You can find that option in the “Options” dropdown menu next to any message.


10. Be courteous

You are expected to maintain a helpful, respectful tone when posting. Opinions are welcome, but they may not escalate into flaming against Skype, its staff, other community members or any other party.


11. Unacceptable posts

  • Multiple posting. Do not repeatedly flood the message boards with the same posts. It will only fragment the discussion.
  • PMs (Private Messages). Please do not post the content of a PM on this community unless you have sender’s permission.
  • Friendship requests. The Skype Community is not a friendship/dating portal. Please refrain from posting friendship requests. If you find a common interest with another person while discussing a Skype-related topic), feel free to exchange usernames via PM and make friends this way.
  • Spamming and promoting. Skype maintains an aggressive no-spam policy. Spam in the Skype Community will be deleted without warning. Note that informed discussion about Skype and competitor offerings is welcome in the community. “Spam” means blatant, offensive, repeated soliciting. Any member who violates our rules and refuses to comply with them will be banned.
  • Personal offences based on age, sex, race, location, cultural background or any other criteria. Skype is truly global and so are its community members. Cultures, opinions and traditions differ, and the Skype Community is a place for their cooperation, not clashes.

For additional info please refer to the Code of Conduct in the Microsoft Services Agreement.

All community members are expected to uphold these Community Guidelines.


12. Moderator Rights

Skype reserves the right of its moderators to edit, move, block or delete any message, signature or image that they consider inappropriate or disturbing to the community or ban any member at our sole discretion. Please do not discuss or argue with any moderator decisions publicly on the community. If you need to comment on a moderation action, please send a private message.


13. Appreciate others

Show your gratitude to those who have helped you.  If you find other member helpful please give kudos or accept their answer as a solution. Your kudos will also help to boost the value of certain posts and enhance the reputation of their authors.

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