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How to change language in all Skype email communication

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In my case, if Skype refuses to let me choose my language of communication, I will stop using Skype. There are excellent alternatives with better prices available. I want the ability to set my preferred language to English.
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I get all my emails in Finnish, a language I don't understand; I speak Swedish, an official language here in Finland.

I just don't understand how a company which business idea is to let people communincate in their own language over the country borders thnks that everone speaks (all of) the official languages of the country in which they sign up for the first time!

And how can this possibly take this long to fix???

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Skype has the right to set legal "Terms and Conditions" for users of its service. At the same users have the right to use a service or not.


Business exist to serve the needs of the customers. Unhappy customers may not speak out but just decide to vote with their feet.


Allowing users to choose their language of communication should not be difficult for Skype nor will it create a legally complicated situation for Skype

And probably Skypes biggest money spending customers will be those who are living outside their country of origin.


Skype has the right to, not allow customers choose the language of communication and the customers have the right to take their custom elsewhere.


Not listening to needs of one of your largest money spending segment of customers is indeed a very fine business strategy. As the mighty have learned many times before.


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This is a major problem!  I do understand the Software issue, however, the creation of the account should be the default language.  For example; I work in Saudi Arabia, I have homes in Spain, Russia, and UK; why then do all my emails come in Arabic; true, I can copy the Arabic Skype notification and go to "Google translate" and paste it; do you know what I receive back, an order for Kapsa!  this must stop, it is not only annoying but if there is a serious message, then I would totally miss it.  


Is there not a way that in the setting of the account Skype could ask the user what language would they like to recieve notifications in?  There are tick boxes everywhere on Skype, why not this?

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This pre-emptive language spoken is a right PIA and it's not just Skype/Outlook. Many sites use it and the clever ones have an easily changed prefered language choice. It's still a bloody nuisance.

 Everything I recieve from Skype and Outlook is in English, the newsletters oh no that comes in Spanish and I really can't be arsed to translate it. There is no way this can be changed unlike other default settings.

The answer is simple have a default language tab on ALL correspondence and ALL sections of Skype and Outlook, instead we get fobbed off with "This is not available at this time" which I have heard for the last 4 years.

Well I have cancelled that pointless newsletter, maybe if over the next 4 years you see sense and do something about it, a simple email notification will suffice in ENGLISH!.

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I live in the UK, always have done, have never lived in Germany, nor been there since setting up Skype, BUT I still get my emails in German!!!!




How difficult can it be to change a user's preferred language for emails?

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Novel Tourist

I have the same problem. Recently I created my account where I live permamently (Poland). So tell me why do I get mails in Portugese and all options about payments are in Brazilian Reals?

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Jibril_Angelos: I just checked the Skype account you used to sign in here on the Community and that seems to be set up correctly. Your account currecny is Polish Zloty.

What "payment options" are you referring to? Mind that you can change the currecny on our rates page ( ) on top right.


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When I first used Skype I were in Italy, and now I'm bound to receive emails in Italian... It's ridiculous how Skype staff is not able to solve such a simple issue. Porca miseria!

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I set up my account in Singapore, where English is the working language - school and government is conducted in English. 


Singapore IS NOT in China! I don't understand why skype communication emails are sent to me in Chinese. I do not speak or read Chinese. This seriosuly needs to be fixed. 

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