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How to STOP translation?

Novel Tourist


i want to stop realy anoying and realy poor and bad translator. Write with frinds on few languages and translate is realy bad and diabetes.


How can do that-stop translate in Skype?


Why you not have option for that and why you not ask user if want translation or not? You like google now?


Respect Skype, this is perfect program but...that is too much.


Thank you!

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Community Manager

Skype does not offer automatic translation. You must have installed a third part application that is interacting with Skype.


  1. Open Skype Options (last entry in the menu "Tool")
  2. Change to the "Advance section"
  3. On the bottom right hand side click on the link "Manage other programs' access to Skype"
  4. Check all the applications listed there and deny their access to Skype if you don't know what they are or waht they do.

Finally you might consider uninstalling the application after you've identified them via above.

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Novel Tourist

There must be something else, because me and every one of my friends started getting these translations recently, and none of us has any apps with skype api access control, or any running app that could be translating skype. So it must be something built in skype ..

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Casual Tourist

Please have my Skype in English, Some times I would like to be able to translate in Greece language Thank You.









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