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desktop shortcut

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Novel Adventurer

how do I get the a sype shortcut on my desktop

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Super Adventurer

click the Windows Start menu, type Skype.  Right-click on the Skype icon the select Send to >> Desktop (Create Shortcut).

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Novel Adventurer

I do not get a Skype Icon.  this is a new computer that had previous computer files copied over, do I need to download skype to it--one thing, when I did type Skype in a bunch of folders were listed, no Icon


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Novel Tourist

When I search in my toolbar for programs, it does not find skype, although I obviously have an account (or would not be seeing my contacts.  I really need an icon.

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Novel Adventurer

When I search for Skype I cannot find it in program files. No Skype shortcut on the desktop. No first page or contact list?


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Novel Adventurer
Click the windows start menu, type Skype....where is this start menu?
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