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We want SkypeCast Back. Join us

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We want SkypeCasts Back



More about it

Skypecast was launched in 2006 to host public conference calls up to 100 people at a time. It was since being established as a meeting place for many to get to know others and talk about anything. The service was also widely used by people seeking out language practices. English was by far the most popular language. One could often see skypecasts with titles such as “Let’s practice English”, and “Improve your English”. As a counter measure to keep learners out, it was not uncommon to find skypecasts with subtitles “Fluent English only please”.



Join us! Leave your message.

Let’s make this topic the biggest about this subject!

Let’s show to Skype how many people want SkypeCast BACK!




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We need Skypecast Back... It was really good platform for people from all round the world to get together and talk to each other.

I made friends from all round the world....using skype cast.I used to host my own cast and it was really good time hosting a cast.


Miss You Skypecast.... COMEBACK SOON....

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Sorry to see that this subject isn't getting more heat.

I was only an occasional user of Skype, but Skypecasts were my favourite use and was sorry to see it discontinued.

I thought of it as the modern equivalent to CB radio.
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please, bring skypecast back!

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i support i miss this too.
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I too was a fan of the Skypecasts. It was a great way for people to use Skype as a community for sure.


However, to much disappointment it was discontinued, as one reason it did not be the standard or make the expectations Skype hoped for.  (words to that effect in Skype's finale message I remember reading at the time).


The was quite a bit of abuse and nudity etc getting into the Skypecasts, which was another problem.


Skype was in the times of Skypecasts operation, quite a problem for schools etc to be allowed use in the classroom, due to the abuse exposure risk to children. Therefore, Skype has become more or less safer for schools to use in the classroom.


These comments are not of Skype, but my own observations and I being a teacher for thast 20 years had tried during the Skypecasts and previous periods to get my school to allow Skype in the classroom.


There is Facebook, although it does not quite do the same as Skypecasts group chats and talking feature offered.


I believe, if Skype were to consider Skypecasts to be re-introduced, there would need to be a much stronger and more strict control over the chat groups.


The only way I thought of Skypecasts being better in control to avoid abuse, is to introduce Skypecasts and allow "only" the group hosts who had a verified ID - like a Skype Account with credit in some form that proves ID in some ways.


Just ideas.  Good luck.



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it's been a while and I still am awaiting a skypecast comeback

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We need Skypecast Back!

There is no chat choice!

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Wir wollen Skypecast wieder haben !!!
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Skypecasts were so daaaaym popular and I'm sure that they would be again, if they'd come back!

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