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Skype skins / themes

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Novel Adventurer

Hello, i want to change the Skype skin.

I use Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Now i have the latest Skype version.

Could you help me, please ?

Thank you

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Community Ambassador

There are no Skype skins available for Windows version, at least not yet.

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Novel Adventurer

I would like change the agly win8 box skin to. 

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Novel Tourist

any movement on this... I am just wondering WHY the windows version doesn't have any Skins but the MAC version does, when the product is owned by Microsoft...

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Routine Adventurer

I'm also wondering why there's no skins/themes for Skype yet. Is it in the works? Or is it something that's not being considered at all? I haven't heard any news on this in a very long time.

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I'd just like to add my voice here - since the recent updates the GUI is very white on white which I'm sorry but it's crap. Much harder to see where one part ends and another begins.
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Novel Tourist

any news on this yet?


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Casual Adventurer

I don't like the default style of skype. It's to much white, and my eyes hearts me... and i must skype closed all the time...


Too bad cuz there are no styles/themes for skype. If skype is only for comercial purposes, then... sorry i wont use skype again

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Casual Adventurer

Hello ? Are there Skype's Developpers ? Hello ? why doesn't you respond ?

Why have you deleted the Skype option to change skin ?

(a French user.)

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Routine Adventurer

it seems they don't care about what people want : /

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