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Skype Spinning Grey Circle

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Casual Tourist

Its weird. I have this. Where my friend and i have finished our chat and he is showing as still online. But the last message i had is circling. Could it be that there is a way to hide and at their end, they look hidden, but to us we can see they are still really online?

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Novel Adventurer

A contact who is reluctant to chat with me (but who annoyingly leaves herself showing online most of the time was showing online when i signed in.  Suddenly my status icon turned from green to grey spinning.  At same time her logo went from green/online to offline.  So somehow when the grey circles start it seems to be as a result of a contact changing their status, as u say maybe trying to hide or something.  I had to restart my PC, i signed back in and the contact showed online again. So a bit puzzling.  But when i signed in after the reboot of my PC I didnt expereince th grey spinnng again. 

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Routine Adventurer

I got here seeking a solution to this:


because the last post there was from a moderator. Apparently, this topic has nothing to do with that, so I blieve that problem is still unsolved. Since she asked to continue here...



My messages aren't delivered everytime. Sometimes they go, sometimes they don't. When they don't go, the spining thing keeps showing. Sometimes, when this happens, I can call the contacts on that chat and when the calling sound starts I cancel it and the messages all go. But sometimes it completely makes calling unavailable, the calling sound never comes and the messages never go. I know the contacts are online, cause if I open a window with one of them and send a message, it gets delivered normally. I ask them to post something on the other chat, and when they do, my messages all go at once.

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Hi, Pyrefox,


So, with your multiple posts, I am getting confused!  Are you referring to messages you are attempting to send specifically in a group chat?  If only in a group chat, is this behavior consistent across all chats you participate in, or just one?  Please post back to clarify this point.


If a group chat only, I am wondering if perhaps either one of these FAQ articles can bring insight ...




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Routine Adventurer

It's an unpredictable problem. Sometimes it happens on group windows, sometimes on single contact windows. It has no pattern that I could understand... sometimes it goes days without happening, and then it strikes back and glitches my messages all day.


This is the topic I opened:

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