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Printing Conversations

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Novel Tourist

How can I print all of my conversations and Calls on the Conversations page with a certain person?

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I need to print an official record of my conversations with Oksana Karashevska over the past six months on Skype for the U.K. Border Agency Visa Application

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Re: printing chat or instant messages, the only way I know of to accomplish this is to copy and paste the text using the word processing software of your choice.


Re: obtaining transcripts of calls, unless you have already recorded the call (Skype offers an app called "Pamela" (Tools -> Apps -> Get Apps); I use Call Graph; there are many options available.  Regardless of which call recording mechanism you choose, ordering a transcript would depend upon the vendor's offering the facility and your willingness to pay for such service.  Skype does not automatically record call conversations.



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please if u find out how u can print out conversation and cal let me know .

many tnx

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Lame..... VERY lame.... I mean what year is it? In 2014 a company this size with the available technology and programmers can not offer a way to print or save chat logs.... shocking, and very lame.... I wish people who are in charge of making these decisions would be fired and make way for smarter people who value the users.... PLEASE HIRE SOMEONE WITH A BRAIN!

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