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Merge or transfer conversation history

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hi there,


My HDD crashed a month ago and waiting for data recovery. Meanwhile, I get a new HDD, install Skype and start to work. Yesterday, the data in my old HDD was recovered and I just want to know how I can merge the recent skype conversation history back to the recovered one, which has more than 4 years of conversation history.


I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.



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Novel Adventurer

I also have the same problem. I have my old Skype directory with 3 years of conversations and my new Skype directory with several months of conversation data. Does anyone know how to merge the old backup into the new conversation history?



Novel Tourist

I'm trying to merge my main.db chat histories as well... if anyone has any creative ideas I'd love to hear them.

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I would love to see progress on this one. But I haven't found any answer yet
Novel Tourist

The original question is a year old - and still no answer!! Is anybody out there who could help with this matter?

Community Ambassador

There is no known method on how to merge two main.db database files. You can replace one main.db file with another, but not to merge them. Even though it is theoretically possible to add records from one main.db file to the Messages table in the other file, the links to the other tables will not be updated and Skype will not be able to access the chat data.

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It is easily done with Skyperious.

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Hi I also have been trying to merge my chat history... Yesterday I was talking to my client on Skype about some website [website link redacted] and  to another client  [website link redacted]...In end of session I wanted to merge both but was unable to do...

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