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Incessant beeping noise

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Novel Adventurer

Hello. Hoping someone can help. When my friend and i have a video call, or even just an audio call, we get this beeping. High pitched, which starts and just wont go away. We often have to end the calls and try again. Any idea what it could be?

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In your case and your case only.

1. Please stop any and all running Skype Client programs on your system.

2. Using your Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs uninstall Skype, when prompted to save your history, choose yes.

3. Using Windows File Explorer ("What you use to view files with") do:


If you find a file called shared.xml right click on it and choose delete.

4. If you see a folder for the Skype name in question, click on it, if you see a file called Config.xml right click on it and choose delete.

5. Using the Windows file Explorer enter:


Right click on the Skype folder and choose delete.

6. Please install the beta version using the instructions below:

You can install the current beta release by doing this from the top of this page:

Get Skype -> Windows -> Choose the beta release.

These instructions have worked for many and is the quickest thing to try to resolve issues such as this.

Also, what operating system are you on and do you have all Windows updates and updates to any hardware devices by the manufacturers?

About Me You can also use a IP Camera as your camera for Skype video Example Instructions
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Novel Adventurer

Thank you. I will try that. 

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Routine Adventurer

Hmm, strange one!


For what it's worth, my wife has a cam with a built-in mic. Even when she uses earphones (for output sound, though the cam still uses its own built-in mic), there is a constant beeping when her video is turned on ... beep-beep-beep-beep-beep ... for some odd reason I think it has to do with the frame rate of the camera because it fluctuate a bit with the lighting conditions. I also hear random noise and clicking sometimes with her connections but I figure it's some sort of audible electrical or other interference coming from somewhere nearby, not sure what would cause it.


If the cam video is off (but mic still on), the beeping is gone.


She doesn't seem to be hearing the beeping noise though, only I can hear it from my side. This effect doesn't seem to happen with anyone else that I have Skype'd with.


Ideas, anyone? (other than buy her a new cam, which is already on the way..)

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Novel Tourist

I have a similar problem but it only affects inbound calls. I have a Plantronics CS60 USB headset. It worked fine with earlier version of Skype but after the last penultimate update whenever I receieve a call I get a constant beeping in my ear. It doesn't affect outbound calls. It has become such a nuisance that I have to decline incomming calls and call my callers back. I have tried all sorts fixes but to no avail.


any help appreciated

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Novel Adventurer

I am having the same problem. Once I sign in I get a constant beeping noise and can't get rid of it.  I am a Mac user.  I have uninstalled and reloaded and it still happens. I am running OSX 10.7.1 Lion.  I would like to be able to use Skype but just can't.

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Novel Tourist

This happens to me too! I don't know what to do anymore... when I'm talking with someone this loud annoying beeping noise will come up and it gets to a point where I have to hang up and try again! Can you pleeeassee tell me if you found a way to fix it! thanks!

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Novel Adventurer

I have the same problem, I'm getting crazy of it really. And headache.
Please find out whats wrong... :/

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Novel Tourist

I had this problem when I got my new computer. I wasn't hearing the sound, but my boyfriend was on his computer and it was coming from his speakers. It showed that the beeping was from my mic when we checked the audio settings.
Loud, high-pitched chirping like sounds (beeping). Drove him MAD!

Anyway, I followed the steps on here and he hasn't heard the beeping sound yet!! Good sign   If you're having this problem, try following the steps.. what do you have to lose?
except that darn beeping, of course!


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Novel Adventurer

I have this incessent beeping noise the minute skype signs me in and it does not stop.  I am a Mac ox user.  Nothing seems to help, I have deleted, downloaded etc.  Any idea on what I can do.

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