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Skype on TV

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I have a Panasonic TV and Skype is installed it has worked in the past albeit a few problems.

I have not used it for a few months and as I am getting a new TV I wanted to remove skype in my name from my existing TV.

When I try to login it says you cannot get access to this account you have to many contacts.

Go to one of your other devices and delete some.

All my contacts are the ones I need and all that I can think of is that the ones that have shown up on my PC and I have blocked are on my TV but as I cannot get into my account on my TV I cannot delete them.

Has anyone any sensible suggestions please.

Trying to contact customers services is a nightmare.

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I am having the exact same problem!! Panasonic tells me that Skype should work on my TV. I have gone into my Skype account on another device and removed all but one of my contacts, but still get the same message you are getting. I finally broke down and bought the Panasonic camera, but now I can't use it. I, too am open for any suggestions. 

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Novel Adventurer
Sorry you are having the same problem mine is solved as I have changed my TV. I now have a new Panasonic and it does not have the Skype app on it so I am looking at another solution using my tablet through the TV. Microsoft I think are wrong to drop support as it was good sitting the lounge and being able to see every one who wanted to take part. Sorry this is not a solution hope someone can come up with an answer.
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Microsoft ended support for skype on TVs but at least we should have skype for android tv platform, if you want please upvote my skype idea so they take it into account:

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