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Skype on Samsung Smart TV Discontinued - 2 June 2016

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I have sent a post to one of the Community Adkins looking for answers, seeing as how this new and trending question has yet to be answered. I would suggest everyone do the same.


Squeaky wheel get the grease.



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With 2 children in Australia Skypeing on the Samsung has been a godsend. Why oh why has the decision been made to stop this? Has anyboy there got the courage to defend this retrograde step!

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miért szüntetik meg júniustól a samsung tv skype......????? Tud valaki választ adni??????????

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what is wrong is that skype have never bothered to advertise this and still right now have their webpage up about their partnership withs amsung and that samsung tvs are supported


I'm sure a legal case can be made here for those of us who brought tv's because skype openly supported samsung and openly pushed samsung tv



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This is ridicolous there are thousands of skype users that access through the SAMSUNG tVs.


WHY are you stopping the support to Samsun?  We dont care if you are fighting for money think to the damage you do to your users.


Also a 3 months notice is unacceptable!


Microsoft/Skype you can do better than this !


Is there any reason given so far,  there are 2 main apps on the TV,  PLEX and SKype 

Does LG support Skype?

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You're link is dead, you will have to type out the email address
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**bleep** microsoft!
**bleep** samsung!


its really-really unfair !

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I have been told by Samsung as from the 2nd of june 2016 there will be NO more skype on samsung sony or lg smart tv's if this is true well thats bad news for ALL smart tv owners. that is realy bad of microsoft.

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Why is it every time end users finally get a program they actually find useful and use on a daily basis Microsoft buys it up and then screws it up. Just one more app in a long line...

Thanks for nothing as usual MS! Try fixing something for a change instead of farking it!!!

Give us our Skype on Samsung TV back!!!