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Skype on Samsung Smart TV Discontinued - 2 June 2016

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Casual Adventurer

Who at skype would like to tell my parents who only have skype on their Samsung TV that they will no longer be able to talk to their grandchildren overseas, and other family members? 


Smart move Skype, wanting to stop family communicating with each other, skype the unfriendly family company.  If Skype no longer want to supply their app to Samsung TV's then I will be boycotting skype and making sure everyone I know do the same.


I don't care what your (most likely finanical) reasons for this are, you are coming in between family and loved ones


Absolutely unacceptable. I live abroad and this is the only way to see my family on a regular basis. How do I explain my 2 year old son he cannot see his grandparents every week?


Keep skype on my Samsung tv!!!

Novel Tourist

In June this year , i will not be able to use Skype on my smart tv samsung?? I bought in december 2015 , I need answer!! Thank you! 

Novel Tourist

I specialy bought the hs8500 series for the nicely build in camera and didn't go for the newest js8500 because this newer model doesn't offer this biuld in camera feature. If I had known, I just spend some more money to buy the newer model. Even now, the newer type has become even much cheaper than my older type in just a couple of months. I feel ripped and misled by Microsoft and even more by Samsung!


Casual Tourist

Why you/samsung/Will stop skype?


Novel Tourist

I have to say we also rely heavily for skype to communicate with may aging parents from abroard and the loss of this service will be huge disacpointment for us and them. I acknowledge that skype is mostly free but the TV was not and this was a major part of our purchase decision. I am not sure which half of the Samsung Skype relationship is responsible, but this will not improve my feelings to either party. If it's just money, both parties should think about this some more. I will come up with a solution, my guess is it's going to cost me something like 250 to 500 to either install a pc or get a tablet to fill the gap, My dad will be able to use this but there is no  way my partially sighted mother will. So, either, please work  it out or at least find a way to make a reasonable paid service available. Both of you  have some pretty unhappy customers today.

Routine Adventurer

dlm3 wrote:
I'm an old man, for health reasons (disability) can only use Skype on the TV. Specifically for this I bought an expensive camera for the TV. And you are going to disable the Skype on TV with 2.06.16. How can I be? Serve you to court for discrimination against people with disabilities and the elderly? Thousands of users will be served for you in court!


Novel Adventurer

I would also like to register my anger at this news .Just had the notification on my television.Why why why.So many people have spent many hundreds of pounds on smart tv to access skype to keep in touch with family and friends.Please give us some information on a way forward as not everyone has access to a computer or tablet.This news today now explains why when we were looking to buy a new smart tv for my grandson just last week we could not find one television in currys pc world that had a built in camera which we were looking for so we could speak to him regularly.When we asked the salespeople they couldnt give us a reason .I wonder now if they knew what was coming.


Novel Adventurer

I am absolutely furious, we have had our, very expensive Samsung Smart tv, for only 2 months, specifically bought to keep in contact using skype with our children abroad, spent money on a camera too, and now this, surely even a subscription is better than just stopping it, very pissed off.


I think we deserve some answers.

Casual Tourist

Skype was the reason I bought smart TV + camera for 80 euros. This is the only easy way for my parents to communicate with other family members.

Samsung/Microsoft whoever responsible for this "great" decision.



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