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Skype on Samsung Smart TV Discontinued - 2 June 2016

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did you get it work?

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Hi guys has anyone heard or found a way to Skype back on the J Series? Or know if there is another platform on Samsung Teles to be added to Tizon platform eg Google Hangouts? Any rumours would be great as I have seen posts where it says this on these forums but is now May and no action or repost on this.




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2soft2crack wrote:

I guess we need the new domains to block them in the router. 



I have been investigating trying to find the Domains to block,  so far it seems to be working!

Please report back with your results!


DOMAINS ** ** or just **     (NEW ... A DNS Server) **      (THIS ONE IS THE IMPORTANT NEW ONE! SEE NOTE)


NOTE ... Depending on the DNS SERVERS YOU use, mine returns a local (to my ISP) Caching Server, so apply the blocking to your TV only if you can, and note it MAY block some websites on the TV.

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What about Tizen or updates on possible rumours of other platforms for J series with regards to previous post about Samsung bringing back Skype?

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Thanx a lot!!! So now is the question whether to install the updates and then block them( because the note at the top screen keeps popping up) and then reinstall skype ( after it is erased from the update) and if skype will then function afterwards.

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You will likely loose more features including the ability to load Skype and gain nothing!


Please tell me if blocking the Domains I supplied is working for you all? You should no longer receive F/W update messages on screen and no updates should appear in the F/W update System Menu.


From what I've read J series and above can not be rooted & Skype can not be installed and likely will never be able to.

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