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Skype on Samsung Smart TV Discontinued - 2 June 2016

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Not sure...
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I hope that all people who are commenting here are also taking the opprtunity to sign the petition at



Another suggestion: 

Fill out Microsoft's Accessibility Feedback Survey at (it's only one page) and tell them about the effect abandoning Skype for TV would have on the technologically handicapped people of the world. 

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I've been looking at other solutions as clearly MS dont give a **bleep**  I used to like Skype as it was a truly cross platform solution. Now its fast becoming just another 'chat app,'


To be honest smart TVs are not that Smart, I think manufacturers are starting to realise that as they don't seem to be pushing them that hard other other models anymore. The only app we use on our TV is Skype (for all the ease of use detailed in this thread).


If you want a smart system that really works and has untold apps you can load, then buy yourself a decent android box and use the google play store. Actually works out cheaper than a smart TV too. I've been trying a few different apps, and cameras- unfortunately its trial and error as there can be compatibility issues but the app I find works well is good old ICQ. I'm using a Logitech Pro 9000 which is on the pricey side, but audio and video are excellent.  I have also tried a cheaper webcam, results were passable. No consolation for those who just splashed out on expensive TVs, but a workaround none the less. 

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Skype on Smart TV is the greatest App for communicating with parents and grand parents. How the hell can this App reach end of life ??!!


Sign the petition :

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This is an appalling decision by Microsoft and should be reversed ASAP. It would be interesting to know what Skype on TV costs Microsoft to maintain and why they want to withdraw it. I hope that Samsung find another provider but I suspect that the next ripple in the market will be the Apple TV and then we will all switch to FaceTime and Apple TV sets. **bleep** up again Microsoft!!!

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If you havn't posted yet ... PLEASE SIGN IN AND POST NOW.


FILL IN THE Microsoft Accessibility Survey (IT'S QUICK) ...




Thank you.

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Sounds like a "Perfect Storm" for Class Action Lawsuit to me. Hit them in hard as your lawyer can. Let them know even with their deep pockets they can't just screw their customers. Remember ! Litigation costs them big bucks. It only takes ONE person to start it.


Secondly, don't EVER buy ANY of their products again. K-Mart pi**ed me off years ago abusing their "Rain Check" policy. I live a mile away and didn't spend a penny in the store in TEN years !

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I am really concerned that the blame is consistently being pushed to the TV manufacturers by M/Soft Skype by stating it is up to the manufacturers if they want to keep the 'working app available' on their products.  (Suggested Alternatives for Skype)


Yes I was a little harsh in my response there -and I do apologise for it as it is uncalled for; however - when talking about this it is quite clear from all the posts across this forum that SKYPE (no longer being technically supported) is starting to fail.   As manufacturers upgrade their software, SKYPE becomes less compatible/stable and thus fails to operate as expected - and becomes useless.  In real terms - discontinued, unsupported both therefor have the same meaning. 


Samsung have done the right thing in informing their customer base, and HAVE informed their outlets - they removed the stand alone camera for this reason.  They are giving refunds for the camera.  Give them credit for this.  Other manufacturers seem to be just ignoring this in an apparent desire to 'make it go away'.  Some retailers are failing to pass on the information (claiming ignorance) likely to 'shift their current stock' (it's all about profits y'all).  Samsung are looking into alternatives to SKYPE but this will be a long drawn out process...  and likely the market will just move away as it is forced to abandon the failing SKYPE app before another solution is reached.


MICROSOFT have cleverly shifted the blame by saying the app is still available, despite it no longer being supported and that it is up to the TV Manufacturers as to whether or not they utilise it by the way they carefully worded their press release.   Despite that no manufacturer in their right mind would supply software that will fail, lose compatibility with their upgrades and possibly leave it open to HACKING...  so their hands are forced, yet they get the blame.  *Hence why I say that Samsung are doing the right thing early on.


I have no qualms in saying Microsoft are morally wrong - but business wise they are being quite astute and moving the market towards their other products and software which they want to build on (UWP), and at the same time corner whatever they can in the market.


The surveys and petitions so far have been so small in their take up that they are 'insignificant' in the bigger picture for Microsoft who will thus suffer little by ignoring them. (don't shout at me - DO THE PETITION(S) etc. if you want to make a difference).  The press and news forums are not really interested in the story - as there are far bigger things going on - elections of the president of USA, European votes on whether UK is in or out... Wars (which are all saddening no matter the reasons), terror attacks from people who have misguided methods of brutality to gain control over people and lands (not something I want to debate over really)... so this 'story' is going under their radar.  Microsoft like to blame Samsung for withdrawing it as they say it is still available (albeit not supported) and the press gobble up the Microsoft media machines carefully worded press releases without question...  Hence my thoughts on it being quite astute of Microsoft in their methodology (Whether or not you agree with them morally).


Want to change all this - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT - don't just grumble on this forum about how much you spent (wasted) on equipment, or how it will affect you communication abilities with family who live far away - SIGN THE PETITIONS, get it talked about on all your media outlets that you use... keep doing this - it is a case of PUT UP or SHUT UP.


FILL IN THE Microsoft Accessibility Survey (IT'S QUICK) ...​spx

SIGN THE PETITION ...​pe-tv?recruiter=44221813&utm_source=share_petitio...


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Yes I must agree with HoodedOracle:-


‘The press and news forums are not really interested in the story’, by the time the rest of the world wakes up to this reprehensible decision by Microsoft, it will be too late. I just can’t get my head around this, just when Smart Television are taking off, withdraw the very App Smart Televisions were made for?

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Couldn't find the reply button on the thread you highlighted, heavy handed moderation maybe?

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