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Logitech HD TV Cam

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I just bought a Logitech HD TV Cam and can not get it to finish the network setup due to the failure of the connection to the Skype server. It connects to the router, gets an IP, I put it in the DMZ and can see where it is pushing packets to the internet but the communication is not working. Any help on how to spoof the skype server or how to get it to respond would be helpful.

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There is nothing that you should have to spoof.  If it isn't working for whatever reason with your router, bypass your router and connect a LAN cable directly from your modem to your camera.  Reboot your modem and your camera should pull and WAN IP, once it  does, complete the setup.  If it works the there is an issue with your router or wireless settings.  You will then need to find out where the hang-up is or might have to reset your router to factory settings to eliminate the setting that might be blocking it from working.

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I habe the same problem, and my cam is a exosed host! Bought a few days ago.
No internet connection at this time possible !!!
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I called logitech and they are aware of the problem but do not have a fix as it is a skype problem not a logitech problem (so they say). As for connecting direct to the modem, my router is an all in one so that is not an option. this should be simple and not require me to relocate my TV, internet connection, etc in my house just to use a device that we bought for wireless reasons.

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Actually all-in-ones can be configured as a pass through device.  I currently have an all-in-one and I don't use it for anything but the modem half so I pull a WAN IP from it.  I didn't state you had to relocate anything.  I was just trying to provide you with options to initially complete the setup.  A really long LAN cable could be used if you happen to possess one.


I'm unaware of a particular authentication issue, but one never knows with standalone hardware.  If Logitech support is stating this is occurring, did they claim this is happening to all their users of this particular device?  Did you ensure that device is running the latest firmware?  Whether you are connecting wired/wirelessly you may want to try a static IP in the LAN range of your router (i.e. GW  Possilby trying an alternate DNS like to see if that makes a difference.  You should be able to ping the IP of the Logitech device from your computer.


There is always a possibility that the device is defective.  I have a piece of Skype standalone hardware that won't detect an Internet connection and it is due to actual electrical/physical damage.

I'm just curious if this is a major outage for this Logitech device, why they wouldn't be working with Skype to resolve the problem through their back channels other than a shrug of their shoulders?  I would also wonder how long this "problem" has been occurring.



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The Problem consists since 10. october and occurs at the FIRST setup because the refernece IP's: and are not available.

When the first setup was done BEFORE 10. october, it's all fine.

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I find it rather odd that Logitech hardcoded IPs vs. using DNS.  Regardless if those IPs are down due to an issue or decision on Skype's end.  It could still be possible they used a DNS entry that has been retired or is not properly updated.  It would seem to me to be something Logitech could proactively address in a firmware release since it functions under normal conditions just fine.


 The only workaround I can think of is using a software/hardware firewall or possibly a computer in conjunction with ICS or similar bridging/routing software to get those IPs to redirect to working Skype server addresses just to complete the initial setup. does not appear to pingable, nor does  However appears to resolve to the webserver.



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If you do not have any thing to add that is helpful then please don't. Your comments here are not helpful.
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disacan wrote:
If you do not have any thing to add that is helpful then please don't. Your comments here are not helpful.

Actually I don't know what you consider helpful.  Knowing the only options available to you I believe is helpful.  I personally would have no problems executing option 4 using my equipment.


1.  I can't repair Skype IP problems.

2.  I can't force Logitech to provide a firmware update to work around the issue.

3,  I can't force you to return a device that isn't working.

4.  Using a router or software to provide redirection would probably work, but the steps required are too variable to provide an adequate walkthrough.

5.  There may be a way to  bypass the initial setup, only Logitech or a person who owns/knows that device may be able provide you with a method to bypass it.


I'm sorry if it's not the news you wanted to hear. Feel free to ignore my future posts if you choose not to believe me. IMHO any insight on this issue is better than none.

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