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Skype for computer and Xbox

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Windows (desktop client)

Skype for Windows desktop is Skype running in a window as you got used to.
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Preview on Windows 10

Let's talk about the Skype Preview on Windows 10 and the communications apps "Messaging" & "Skype Video".
3773 Posts 2 hours ago

Modern on Windows RT

Skype for modern Windows is optimized for tablets with Windows RT.
16176 Posts Tuesday

Skype for Web

Connect with friends, family and colleagues around the world, for free – directly from and Outlook
2543 Posts 6 hours ago

Joining Skype as a Guest

All questions about creating or joining a conversation, as well as anything to do with the use of it
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Discuss Skype for Mac
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Xbox One

Skype on your Xbox One. – Questions? Comments? – Join the discussion
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Discuss Skype for Linux
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Let's talk about all the hardware you can use to enhance your Skype experience: Webcams, headsets, Skype phones...
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