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Tray icon for Skype APP Win 10, and other stuff.

Casual Adventurer

Dear Skype App developers, i hope you will read this.

Skype desktop version, latest one (is now actively promoting app version of skype

(in update checking window, and every start of skype)


This Not-Preview-Already Skype (Skype App) for Windows 10 Desktop (for x86, x64 not arm)

Is pretty good. You really make great job, since i cheked it last time.

You ofcourse implemented CTRL+V of bitmaps from bufer.

And also implemented Drag-n-Drop of files.

You, i guess, change default position of in-call-overlay (overlay window with name of caller, red handset and optional face of (video)caller). Now it on second monitor by default, because, i think, i have main taskbar on second. Last time it appear on main screen, and obstruct view of borderless games.


Since desktop skype now is so eager to make me (and i think whole bunch of PC people too) migrate to APP version. I want talnk about some missing things in app skype, without them i will not use app, until you realize them.


About this few things:


First. App skype doesn't have tray icon.

In this thread was offered "solution" - pin skype app to taskbar, like we (pc users, and i think tablet users who use tablet like small pc, not like a phone or something (i mean use mouse and keyboard))

like we need tray icon only to easy access to minimized skype.


No, we need it because it contain several vital skype functions.

Like, number of unread chats, and flashing when there is unread messages.

Windows 10 notification counterpart can't give us same thing.

Windows have native notifications by new rectangular popup baloons, they appear, i gues by code in windows itself, on main screen in right bottom corner. It annoyng (because all tray stuff in second, and it can obstruct games or programs on main display), and if you have more than 1 display, it should appear on secondary supporing display. Like it is in Desktop Version of Skype (which one have his own popups, not from windows).


Also windows can't offer to show number of unread chats or at least indicate somehow that it have unread messages.

Lil' rectangular baboonie icon, can display only 2 states, empty - no messages, filled - there is some messages.

And windows notifications allways filled with some stuff, like windows was updated, deffender can't do something without you, because he is scared, emails from outlook e.ct.


We need tray icon, for PC version. It should display number of unread chats and should flashing when you have unread message.

(Ear Trumpet app from store have tray icon, meaning this possible for app program)


Skype also should have:

1) optional popups.


2) popups on display that contain main taskbar

(main taskbar is taskar with tray icons, some programs, i noticed, dettect it and make notifications popups in same place with main task bar, not on display marked as main display)

a) skype should have his own popups, can be also optional.

b) or may be there is some workaround to make native windows popups appear in right place)


Now about in-call overlay. Before, it allways appear on main screen.
It was like this. I playing some borderless LoL, and i called my friends, Skype make overlay with caller name and hung up button. It appear on main monitor with game, it appear topmost and obstruct game. Desktop skype aslo have overlay, but it's lil' overlay, baby-size. Now, when i close lil' overlay in Desktop Skype, it dissappear, and appear only when call occur. But, APP counterpart, bigger, and it reappear every time when i do something in skype, while i'm in voice chat, as example when i try to chat with some one, it reapper.

Good thing, i think you made it appaer on monitor with main taskbar, but it still anoying.


We need to able close it, and fogret about it until next call. Or make it optional at all. Maybe smaller. Because there is plenty people without second screen, and they will fight with reappearing window.



There is also one small complaint
. When i minimize app, and them maximize it back, i see that all my contacts is offline... and then they become online again.

I'm pretty sure it for-mobile-feature, like some background part of skype still monitoring notifications, and it maded for saving battery charge... I have just plain PC, it doens't have batteries.

I very understood it, when i saw it on my mobile phone with win 10.

But i don't understand it on PC without batteries.


It is minor complaint, but i think it will be not bad if skype app will check powerplan and will see it powered from a cord. And just disable it saving batterie feature. 


That all, i think...

May be it didn't help, and nobody will read this, but if is, thanks you for attention and sorry if my english is too bad.

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Totally agree!
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Reliable Adventurer

I'm afraid, currently the UWP does not allow that kind of control and some of the requested features.   EarTrumpet is not a UWP app but a repackaged Win32 app. That's why it has access to system tray.

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Casual Adventurer
Well if it possible to destribute win32 exe throught store, i guess it possible to make some additional background skype exe for pc, with tray icon. I guess. Should be a some way to do this. I hope.

If there is no way, it just very disappointing, it will prove that MS want to turn any device on win10 in stupid arm cell phone =_=
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Novel Tourist

Absolutely and utterly agree! This has to be implemented!!

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