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Prevent adding me to chat groups

Status: New
Status: New

I have spoken to a number of people, and read multiple forums in which people would like the ability to prevent themselves from being automatically added to a group chat.  As a parent, even after restricting the client to allow calls and messages from known contacts, I am greatly disturbed by the fact that any current friend, can add my child to a group, in which complete strangers can now communicate with my child.


I believe that an option to "require opt-in" would be fairly easy to implement, and would then prevent people (my child included) from being automatically added to groups, to which we have no interest.

Casual Adventurer

Add this. I'm tired of getting sucked into conversations with only one person, and that person is not on my contact list. I keep needing to block chats just to NOT get notifications that I will not respond to.


Novel Tourist

I'm all for this, I want to be able to choose what conversations I am a part of, and what groups I am in, not log on and suddenly see I have been added to multiple groups without my knowledge.

Experienced Adventurer

One of my pet peeves is being dragged into group chats without my consent by acquaintances. They're people I enjoy talking to solo, but that doesn't mean I have any interest in meeting their extended friend group -- especially without being prepared for it. I'd love the ability to turn off or require my acceptance of group chat inclusion. Preferably the latter, as I do have some group chats which have been going for years and involve my closest friends. I just don't want other chats without first agreeing to them.

Novel Tourist

i had to turn notifications off because of people adding me to groups at all hours of the day and night . It is extremely annoying

Novel Tourist

This should have been added the day skype was made. There's always those annoying ass skids who just randomly invite you to conversations you don't want to be in. They just repeatedly do it. -_-

Novel Tourist

I'm not sure about everyone else, but I've been added to chats of 500 or so people and tons of bots. The notifications pop-up on my phone non-stop and it consumes way too much data if I've been added while I'm on the road; especially if I keep getting added back into the thing once I've gone through the annoying process of ending that chat. Is it really to hard to at least let me know which of my "friends" is being a douche, so I can block them.

Casual Tourist

can't they implement this fast