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voicemail notification new video message received to view

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voice mail saying

 automatic notification new video message received to view go to


has anyone else reveived such a voice mail from a skype username s280072565126009 or similiar unknown   ? 

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ignore the message and block the user.  I think Skype doesn't send notification that way, and it is point to another website that doesn't contain the address.


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I got one but the number is s19587900122706

Her recorded voice wants me to download software to view the video.  Creepy but I thought maybe someone I know and don't have as a Skype contact?

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it is strongly advised not to open any links or download/install any software/apps that that video call is endorsing.  

In addition, Skype doesn't send any notification via instant messages, calls, emails, etc about new video messages.  Viewing video messages also doesn't require to go to any other webpages or using any external third party additional software.



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I have received the same voicemail but from s8236158824339. What do i do? What is this anyway?

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I've received the same message twice and it sends me to youtube with a birthday greeting

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I received something very much like that tonight from m265723019111254. It told me to go to to download some software, but it was a redirect. Very weird.

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Dear Readers,


Please do not click on links received from people whom you do not know ... and trust!  These redirects may be in turn installing spyware or malware on your computer.  Keep your anti-malware/spyware/virus software updated, and run the internet search security portion of it at all times.


By way of reminder, the only means Skype would use to contact any of us is via our registered e-mail address on file.



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Also watch out for "video message received!" from I've gotten 4 skype calls in the last 24 hrs for this, one of which was at 1am. rrrghh! Despite blocking them last night, I recieved two more today. I can't find any info on the legitimacy of it, so definitely don't trust it. 

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