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skype was blocked from accessing the internet

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Novel Adventurer

2 days ago, I could not run skype.   The computer said skype was blocked from accessing the internet.  However, the icon in the toolbar shows that the skype is connecting.   I am just a computer user and don't know much about technique.   Does someone help me?  my computer is Lenovo with Window7, Norton Security version and Skype 5.8.


Actually, the skype version is 6.1 but I have restored to 5.8.  


anxiously look forward to having your response.

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Novel Adventurer

it is incredibly workable!  Thanks a lot for your help.

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Community Ambassador
Novel Adventurer

many many thanks for your advice.  It is workable!   I can connect the skype now.

Novel Adventurer

According to my previously thanks and message that to disable Norton Firewall is workable, but when I closed the computer and startrd it again.   It still says that Skype was blocked from accessing the internet again.  And I have to disable firewall again.   Do I have to repeat it everytime that I turn on the computer?     

Community Ambassador

You don’t need to disable the Firewall. This was just a test to see if the issue is due to this Firewall. However, you need to configure this Firewall to allow Skype.


Novel Adventurer

it is incredibly workable!  Thanks a lot for your help.

Casual Tourist

I can't get skype calls to go through. Disabled my avg firewall without success.  Any ideas?

Novel Tourist

sir/madam ,hello can u please help to to start back my skype , im haveing great problems 

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