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skype scam email?

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Hi I just recieved a suspecious email aparently from Skype saying my time to claim free calls for one month is about to expire, seeing this I immediatly showed an interest and clicked the link. which it then said i need to add my billing info as they need to take £1 from my account. obviously I was then a little bit suspucious so I went onto the skype website from a different path to see if it was on there, and the offer was not on the website,


now my question is, is this a scam or is this a real offer ? I would be happy to show any skype employees the email I recieved

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almost certain, it is a scam.  you can contact customer service to confirm, here's how;


How to Contact Skype Customer Service


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About almost similar issue, I've contacted Skype's Customer Service department. I sent an email directly to Skype.


Customer Service has responding with the following:


"We understand your concerns regarding receiving spam calls claiming to be from Skype.


If you receive an email or a call claiming to be from Skype under the name of "Online Notification" or "Skype alert system" or from the Skype usernames "drzabcalert11" and "drzabcaert4", do not answer it because it is a spam call that will tell you that you have a virus on your computer and will ask you to visit


Fraudulent emails and calls may ask you to provide your Skype password, Skype payment details, or other sensitive personal information. They may also advise you that your account is being cancelled, you have been reported for abuse, or that your payment or password has been refused or changed. If you receive an email or a call like this, please let us know immediately.


These emails and calls are known as "spoof" or "phishing" emails or calls . The people who send them hope that you will:


Open the attachment to the email (if provided) or answer the call. If you do so, the attachment file or the call itself could infect you computer with dangerous viruses.


For more information on Skype security, please visit:


To avoid receiving any calls like this, you can adjust your privacy to not receive any call from a person outside your contact list, to do this open Tools > Options > Privacy > Privacy Settings and adjust your settings accordingly.


We hope you found this answer helpful. Should you need any further assistance or have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us again.


Skype Customer Service"

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Dear Fearn
Kindly be informed that i have just received the same mail and when try to sign up the free trial i got this message
((Unfortunately, you won't be able to get a free trial as there are no payment methods available to validate your order.))

obviously i want to get the free trial but i can't sign as i can't find how to add card details
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